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Music that Rocks: End of the Year

It’s that time of year again: finals week, the dawn of summertime, the dreaded ‘G’ word that is graduation, whatever you feel best suits it. We survived another year here on the Heights, it may have been by the skin of our teeth or the grace of God, but we made it nonetheless. To our outgoing seniors, thank you for everything. We love you. And to them, and all seniors alike, we congratulate you on graduating and wish you nothing but the best of luck in your future endeavors. On a more personal note, I, Korey Ryan, as the group article coordinator for this past year, want to thank all of the Rock writers for their contributions, you guys made it a great year and I can’t wait for September to do it all again with you guys. But until then, Korey out. *mic drop*

Be Easy” (Feat. Kinetics)” – Radical Something

“A summertime feel like no other. The lyrics in the first line honestly tell it all: ‘So just relax, lay back, and be easyyyy’. Finals week is almost over, summer’s almost here, take it easy because you’ve just about made it. And to the seniors, two things. One: thank you for everything. Two: you may be leaving the college bubble for the real world but that doesn’t mean you have to stress, just be easy, you guys got this. And like we’d say in a middle school yearbook… HAGS everyone” – Korey Ryan ‘18

“Sugar, We’re Goin Down” -Fall Out Boy

“Tell me it doesn’t pump you up for finals and summer break. Also, I’m going down swinging. Thanks for everything, BC–you’re sure putting up a fight to keep me here.” -Melissa Warten ‘16

Nothing’s Wrong” – Echosmith

“This song will keep you striving through finals. “We walk like there’s nothing wrong” can and will be your mantra during finals, and it will help you try to continue to work hard and persevere despite the distractions and obstacles that are always around during finals. It’s a pretty light song in terms of tone but the confidence in the band’s vocals, and the steady guitar and drums keeps the song moving on. During finals, don’t try to rush or panic – if you trust in your ability to do well and apply yourself, you’ll do well.” -Kyle Donohue ‘17

Leather Jacket” – Arkells

“You know how Spotify made a playlist called like ‘Moving to Canada’ or something, and the whole idea was getting into Canadian music in the event that you have to move when Trump is elected? I thought that was stupid, given that not knowing Canadian music would be the least of my concerns if Trump’s elected. And yet, here I am, recommending a band from Ontario that’s really only popular in Canada, according to the Spotify ‘Where People Listen’ section. Just in case, you know? This is a song where I really don’t pay attention to the lyrics and meaning at all. It has a catchy chorus that’s meant to be belted out while driving around with your windows down, and sometimes that’s all you need.” – Grace Rice ‘18

My Way” – Frank Sinatra

“I have long said that this is the song that will play at my funeral. Yes, I have picked out a funeral song for myself, and it’s egotistical and grandeur, and I won’t go out any other way. And even though finals week has me feeling like I’m dying, this song can also be applied to the end of a college career, or even just my freshman year. “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention” – isn’t that the way to live? Thanks for a great year BC, and seniors, I hope you did it your way.”  –Lucy Palmer ‘19

“See You Again” – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

“End of the year is just a bittersweet time. It is great to hop into summer vacation, but it also means saying bye to your friends for three months. Especially for the seniors, it is a sentimental time. The song is a little bit too sad and emotional, but it’s great tunes and we have to face the facts that our senior friends are leaving campus for good.” – Siqi Wang ‘19

Loving You Easy” – Zac Brown Band

“Firstly, to the seniors, I am so lucky to have had you in my life and you made it so easy to love the people you are.  I am going to miss you more than you know.  Secondly, I am so incredibly done with finals and this song just sounds like summer mornings when you’re driving to the pool or beach and the dew hasn’t burned off yet and the sun makes everything look brand new and yeah. You could have slept in but everything is so bright and you have a whole, like, 15 hours of sunlight in front of you and isn’t that better than an Islamic Political Philosophy final?” – Emma Allen ‘18

Wait” – M83 Kygo Remix

“As I sit here, on a beautiful day (another great song), stranded in the Brighton Theology Library studying for my Politics, Conversion, and Islam in the Balkans final (10/10 would recommend), I yearn for the days of last summer when I would drive down to the beach and blast this song with the windows open until the speakers of my 2011 Jetta station wagon could no longer handle it. For me, this song is summer. Only three more days…” – Paul Shuler ‘19

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” – Justin Timberlake

I will admit that I am a little too quick to pronounce songs as “bangers.” I have a quick trigger finger and want to be the first one to the realization. That being said, this song is an absolute BANGER. Big fan of Timberlake for many reasons, but his catchy songs are his biggest selling points for me. I can easily imagine a montage of all my summer highlights with this song playing in the background. Also gives me an opportunity to show off my complete lack of dance skills. And I am so serious when I say complete lack. I cannot dance at all but this song would make me get out on the dance floor of the most popular club. – Matt McCarthy ‘19

Baby Don’t Go” – Katie Von Schleicher

“This song breaks my heart every time I listen to it, but it’s so cathartic I can’t stop. Each time Von Schleicher wails the words “Baby don’t go” with the lo-fi fuzz of the guitar pulsating in the background, I feel like I’m right there with her, sharing in her heartache. My freshman year at Boston College has meant more to me than words can say, and the thought of leaving for even just a few months is deeply saddening. Also, I can’t take full credit for finding this pretty little gem, so a big shout out is in order to my lovely radio moms at WZBC.” – Trish Rodican ‘19

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