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Remix to Ignition: Community-Building Program Gets an Upgrade

10592865_372155829600981_3398002550453935164_nIgnition is a hidden gem in what may sometimes feel like an overwhelming array of clubs and organizations offered at Boston College. In its third year as an organization, the group aims to make great strides in how it proceeds to build a stronger and more authentic community on campus.

As one of the only sophomore-centric programs at BC, Ignition provides a unique and safe space for individuals to consciously exchange thoughts and ideas about underlying issues that are often faced in college but are rarely addressed. Simultaneously, it encourages students to make the most of their time in college. This is an excellent opportunity for rising sophomores to express their feelings about the victories and challenges they may face as they move past their freshman year.

In addition to facilitating meaningful conversations and community-building events, Ignition especially emphasizes the importance of advancing both individuals and their relationships with others. As the the group’s mission statement can attest, “Ignition shall have the purpose of providing a foundation and community for the moral, intellectual, social, and spiritual development of students through deliberate, compelling, and sustained conversation,” (Source). Students can get involved by participating in weekly small and large group activities.

903336_4586035974960_44273370_oA major change that is coming to fruition this year is that Ignition is now offering positions to rising juniors and seniors to lead sophomore small groups. This is an amazing way for upperclassmen to connect with underclassmen by sharing their
knowledge and experiences in an effort to improve the climate on campus.

If you are a sophomore who is interested in joining the organization, feel free to fill out this questionnaire.

If you are a junior or senior interested in becoming a facilitator, you can apply here.

For more information, like Ignition on Facebook, follow them on Instagram @bcignition, and be sure to visit them at the upcoming student involvement fair. Take advantage of the chance to make a positive impact on the culture at Boston College.



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