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BikeBC Launches Bike Share Program

Students can now rent a bike through the O’Neill Library, thanks to student organization BikeBC.

The organization’s goal is to promote biking culture on and around campus, and this semester, they’ve initiated a bike share program with help from the University.

“We tested it out at the end of last semester, just had a pilot program to see how it would work,” said club president Ben Li. “We wanted to prove to the school that this would actually work, so we gathered a small group of people who were previously very involved in BikeBC. We just asked them to check the bikes out, ride them, and return them.”

The pilot program seems to have worked. After negotiating with the University and the library, BikeBC was able to secure ten bikes which are now free for any BC student to use.


To rent a bike, students must first attend a one-hour safety training session and sign a waiver. After that, it’s as simple as checking out a library book: just ask the front desk on the third floor of O’Neill, show them your student ID, and they’ll give you a key to unlock a bike. The bikes are located by the elevator on the ground floor of the Comm Ave Garage, and can be checked out for three-day periods before they must be returned.

For BikeBC, this is just the beginning. They hope eventually to expand to a system akin to Boston’s Hubway bike share program, which has rental bikes at various locations, and doesn’t require the bike to be put back at the same one.

“We’d have bikes available at several different locations, all around Boston College,” said Li. “Not just the Comm Ave Garage, but we’d have locations at Newton, Brighton, Cleveland Circle. You could pick up a bike at Upper and drop it off somewhere else.”

If you’re interested in renting bikes, BikeBC plans to host its next training session in the first week of October. For more information, contact the club’s leaders at info@bikebc.org.

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