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Dive into Learning with BC Splash

On November 13th, hundreds of middle and high school students will come to Boston College to attend classes designed and taught by BC students. As a part of the larger organization, Learning University, the BC Splash program gives you, as a BC student, the opportunity to share something you’re passionate about with younger students who are eager to learn. It encourages 1492135_867537016603829_1993548709630766805_ostudents to be excited about education because they’re learning from people who want to be standing in front of them, sharing something that both they and the students are curious about.

Students register online for classes that they’re interested in and then come to BC on the Sunday of Splash. Splash Leaders, a group of twenty to thirty BC students, welcome the students to campus. Then these several hundred students disperse to their classes. Last semester, there were nearly 100 different classes ranging widely in subjects. The categories for classes include the humanities, science, the arts, math & computer science, college life and skills, and miscellaneous subjects, including classes titled everything from “Public Health/Human Rights” to “Introduction to Neuroscience” to “Public Speaking” to “College Survival” with many classes in between and beyond.

Clearly, not only is the event a resource for kids to learn about anything they’re interested in, but it allows the BC community to show the diversity of their interests. Within reason, a Splash teacher can teach about anything that he or she wishes. A single person could teach a class on their own or a small group of people can teach a class together. Clubs can even make a class to spread their message to a younger audience and potentially get high school students interested in joining their club if they come to BC. The format of each class can vary, too, as you can adjust the class to the subject and your own personal style. Even as you’re doing something great for students and volunteering your time, it is only a one-day event and classe576768_406115426079326_811065652_ns only last an hour, so the time commitment is minimal, which is important at a school with highly involved, busy students. The preparation involved for the class, as long as you’re ready, can be done in the same or less time as a preparing presentation for your own class. You can invest time and help kids get excited about learning while doing something you’re really passionate about.


If you’re interested in teaching for Splash this year, click here to go to the registration! It will close on October 12th, so be sure to register soon. Email bcsplash@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.


Both images courtesy of the BC Splash Facebook page.

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