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Eagles Right the Ship in Buffalo Beat-down; I punt.

The Boston College Eagles won their second consecutive game, and third overall, by beating the Buffalo Bulls 35-3 Saturday afternoon. The Eagles defense proved their dominance yet again on this parents weekend, and the offense flashed a little bit of firepower in a game that was played in ugly, rainy, cold weather.

The Eagles allowed a total of only 67 yards, which is downright ridiculous. The Bulls tallied only 26 rush yards on 19 total carries. The defense did everything expected of them, and never allowed Buffalo to make even the most remote movement down the field. The lone Buffalo field goal was on a drive that started on the BC 11-yard line after a fumble by QB Patrick Towles, but the defense allowed zero yard son the drive and the Bulls were forced to take a short field goal.

BC’s points came all via offense drives, with two touchdowns thrown by Towles. Charlie Callinan and Michael Walker caught balls of 7 and 11 yards respectively for touchdowns in the second quarter. For the most part, the passing game looked good for the Eagles. A few drops plagued the unit, but that’s to be expected in the rain. Towles was fairly accurate, and showed off the arm on a 44 yard ball to WR Chris Garrison, who made a good in air adjustment to catch the ball. Unfortunately, Garrison broke his leg on the play.


BC’s other three touchdowns came from a trio of running backs- with Hilliman, Davon Jones and Richard Wilson all tallying a score. Hilliman was the days leading rusher with 54 yards on 19 carried, and Jones added 13 carries for 53 yards. Senior Myles Willis only got three rush attempts on the day, which showcases the play-callers commitment to run the ball exclusively up the middle (eye-roll).

Kicker Mike Knoll was a perfect 5/5 on extra points today, which is notable because I have continually thrashed the revolving door of kickers over the past three years for their struggles. I mention this now, because I myself learned how a pressure packed extra point is not always the easiest thing in the world to hit.

I had the privilege, thanks to my friend TJ Hartnett of Fenway Sports Management, to participate in a tandem “Punt, Pass, and Kick” contest with my father to celebrate parent’s weekend. The rules were as follows; at the first timeout of the second quarter I would run out onto the field to the far 25-yard line and punt a football as far as possible. From wherever that landed (well distance wise, they moved the ball to the middle of the field after), my dad would throw the ball downfield. From wherever THAT first made contact with the field, I would line up for a field goal attempt. If that went in, I would win an Amazon Echo and a $100 Amazon gift card. Simple.

I’ll attach the video (in a series of gifs) to see how well I faired.


(seriously, look at my leg here it’s impressive #FreeAgent)



As you can see, I started things off great with a booming 40-yard punt that tactically made contact with the Buffalo Bulls huddle. After a stern notice from the referees who wanted none of this nonsense, my dad launched a throw to the 10-yard line. I was then rushed to kick a 20-yard field goal (an extra point is usually 18 yards), but the rain, my lack of experience, and my New Balance shoes got the best of me. Alas, no gift package for this failed place kicker.

I want to note that I realized right away that my form was absolutely abysmal.  A field goal should be two-steps than a kick, not a run up.  Embarrassing.  My attention was paid to pumping up the crowd, and I let that get the best of me.  This mistake will haunt me for the rest of my life.

I will also note though, that Addazio seemed impressed by my punting skills, so I would not be surprised if I am in shoulder pads next week against Clemson.

Back to real football, the Eagles won handily and never trailed or looked in danger. However, next Friday night when highly ranked Clemson rolls into town the Eagles will have a much taller task and will need to play at a significantly higher level offensively. The defense is capable of keeping us in every game, so hopefully the Eagles can shock the world.


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