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Short-Sleeved and Afraid

Six sweatshirts, three pairs of sweatpants, four pairs of jeans, two heavy jackets. Totally ready for Boston.


It’s October now and the answer to that question has changed since August from an enthusiastic “yes” to a cautious “I hope so.” I don’t know if it’s from the lack of confidence that stems from moving to New England after living in Florida for 19 years, but I suddenly feel unprepared for the winter.

This didn’t dawn on me until the other day when I found myself walking from Cushing Hall on Newton to the Stuart dining hall in 50-degree weather wearing only a t-shirt and some shorts. Of course, that isn’t close to the worst I’ll experience, but I found myself quickly uncomfortable. If I’m easily unsettled by 50 degrees and a light wind, how will full-fledged winter affect me?

I don’t know if I’m alone in my unpreparedness, but seeing nearly everyone on campus already donning winter clothing every day is a culture shock. In Florida, winter clothing was almost optional, and even then the most coverage anyone needed was a sweatshirt and jeans. Winter came and went in a month with barely a mark left every year for my whole childhood, and now what feels like winter begins in September and ends whenever it feels like doing so. I definitely underestimated the power of the Northeast.

I could’ve asked my parents to send me warmer clothing than I have, but my pride prevents me from doing so and will likely continue in that manner for a while. So now, it seems all but inevitable that I will have to brave it out until Thanksgiving break at the soonest. Transitioning from 80 degree Christmases to Boston for college was going to be a difficult change one way or another, but I feel as though my protection against the elements is heavily depleted

I can only hope my 300 can hold the wall against massive barrage that is a Northeastern winter.


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