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Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Released

A trailer for the new Star Wars movie Rogue One was released today and, dare I say, it looks pretty cool.

*cue the John Williams*star-wars-opening-credits

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as it’s officially called, dropped its second full theatrical trailer earlier this morning. Unlike the teaser and first theatrical trailer, this trailer finally gives the audience some dialogue, context, and, most importantly, some Darth Vader.

Admittedly, my knowledge of Rogue One before watching this trailer was limited. I knew that it was a stand-alone movie, set in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. I knew that Darth Vader and the first Death Star were going to be in it to some capacity, but that was about it.

This trailer introduced countless new details. The main character, who a quick IMDb search reveals is named Jyn Erso (gotta love Star Wars names) is portrayed by Felicity Jones. Jyn Erso has her father (played by the wonderfully creepy Mads Mikkelsen) taken from her by the Empire (specifically Ben Mendelsohn) when she is just a young girl to work on a secret planet-destroying superweapon: the Death Star. Years later, something happens, and Erso is in one of the Empire’s holding cells on an unknown planet, from which she is eventually freed by a ragtag group of rebels that later call themselves Rogue One. Rogue One then sets out to steal the building plans for the Death Star for the growing rebellion.rogue-one-squad

That’s the story for now, and I. Am. Buying. It. Is it a ploy by the film industry to use the Star Wars name to make money? Yes, but I’m willing to give this a pass for a few reasons.

A Star Wars movie not centered on the Skywalkers and the Solos, seemingly the only two relevant families in the entire universe, piques my interest. What happened in those 20-ish years (I have no idea how time or age works in this universe) between episodes 3 and 4? How did the Rebellion, a faction so important to the original trilogy, begin? Who was in charge and what were their roles? How did Princess Leia get involved before she was captured at the beginning of A New Hope? These are questions that the lay Star Wars fan will (hopefully) finally have answered, and that’s a good thing!

beach-star-wars-rogue-one-posterWhile watching this trailer, I also noticed that this film feels more like a war movie set in the Star Wars universe than a Star Wars movie itself. And rightfully so. At this time the Jedi were all in hiding. Darth Vader is the only known person with a lightsaber. Because of that, we probably won’t see a lightsaber duel in this movie, and, again, that’s a good thing!

On the topic of Vader, some fans of the series are outraged at the inclusion of one of the greatest movie super villains of all time, and I understand it. More so than any other character, Vader epitomized the original trilogy, and longtime fans of the series don’t want to see that magic go away. In my opinion, as long as his screen time is low, think “The Joker in Suicide Squad low”, I will be content. That’s enough to appreciate seeing the looming figure on screen and to hear James
Earl Jones’s remarkable voice in a Star Wars movie for what will probably be the last time.

The trailer also revealed many new locations that the Star Wars universe hasn’t explored yet, most notably a Caribbean/South American-esque jungle that appears to feature a large battle sequence. The trailer also showed more of the underrated all-star cast showcasing Riz Ahmed (from HBO’s The Night Of) and Academy Award Winner Forest Whittaker.

Would I rather Episode 8 come out this winter? Yes, obviously, I’m not a heathen. But I’m excited to see what Rogue One has in store nevertheless.

P.S. Star Wars movies have by far the best movie posters.

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