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Hey Donald, Enough is Enough

This election is rather depressing. I am certainly not the one to break this news but I feel like it is necessary to state before going any further. I am a huge fan of the American political system, when it works properly, it really is a beautiful thing. That being said we now have an election that is based on the simple fact that whomever Americans hate least, between the two major candidates, will become the next President of this fine country. Because of this simple fact, I feel as though it would be shameful for me to not comment on the recent rhetoric from one candidate.

Although I would not align myself as a fan of Donald Trump, in any sense, I have thought throughout this election cycle that he can be pretty funny. Bestowing the nicknames of “Little Marco” tted-cruz-says-donald-trump-becoming-rattled-by-his-gainso Marco Rubio and “Lyin’ Ted” to Ted Cruz was enough to make me even laugh. When watching the debates, his demeanor is so outlandish and absurd that
it cracks me up, whether I am laughing out of disappointment in our political system or for the comedic value is undetermined. However, we have seen that Trump’s rhetoric often gets out of hand and quite dangerous. He has gone after the media, the disabled, Mexican immigrants, Muslims, and Democrats and Republicans alike by all too carelessly crossing the societal “line.”

The newest phase with Trump, which is causing a giant stir across the country, are his horrifically offensive, highly immoral comments about women. In the tape that came out a little over a week ago, a hot microphone captured Trump’s crude remarks with (soon-to-be former) NBC employee, Billy Bush. Now, Trump has dismissed the quotes as simply “locker room” talk and emphasized that it happened over ten years ago. Many of his comments in the past have drawn similar ire from the American people before ultimately fading away and being dismissed as Trump “telling it like it is.” I write to encourage people to not let these comments about women to just disappear and to hold him accountable.

Mr. Trump, enough is enough. If I hear you say those feeble words, “nobody respects women more than I do,” one more time I might have an aneurysm. That claim is just a bald-faced lie. Someone who respects women in the slightest would not even dream of making one of the commentsobama-world-leaders-are-rattled-by-donald-trump-and-they-should-be you are on the record making. Talking about how you cannot stop yourself from kissing women, is not respectful Mr. Trump. Spying on women as they change at one of your Ms. Universe pageants, is not respectful Mr. Trump. Joking with another man that you would like to “grab her by the…” is actually sexual assault Mr. Trump.

A majority of Americans have moved past your comments attacking other groups in the past, which is regrettable and disturbing. However, if Trump’s demeaning takes on women are simply forgotten, that is deplorable on the behalf of all Americans.

I would love to have an election where both candidates focused on the issues facing America. Alas, this is not the election for that. I am not tone deaf to the Republican party or the grass root Americans, I understand that everyone has a different view of what America should be. I understand Donald Trump is more aligned with some Americans than Hillary Clinton. I get that Hillary Clinton is not a personal favorite of just about every American. However, I can say with unequivocal certainty that a man like Donald Trump is unfit to be President, solely based on his rhetoric regarding women. It is degrading, dehumanizing, and frankly disgusting.

Ironically, Trump trails a woman in the polls right now by eleven points. Donald Trump could lose to a woman in the race for the Presidency. So Donald, maybe you do not have women as figured out as you think you do. Oh, and one more thing Donald, no one respects you less than I do. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.

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