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My Official Endorsement: Fire Steve Addazio.

Steve Addazio came to Boston College in 2013 and reinvigorated the BC football program. In his first two years, Addazio won 7 regular season games twice, but saw his Eagles lose in two bowl games. Still, excitement for the program was growing. Many thought that the man who took a 2-10 team and turned them into a 7-5 bowl participant in only a year was exactly the coach the BC football program needed.

As we sit here today, in November of 2016, it is now clearer than ever that Addazio needs to go.

Sitting at 4-5, with only one true “quality” win I might add, BC has a solid chance of making a bowl game this season if they can beat UConn and Wake Forest (they’ll likely be favored to). But to anyone who is watching one thing is clear, the Eagles are a mess.

BC has been outscored 157 to 17 by the teams on their schedule that are currently ranked (Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Louisville). They face ranked Florida State next week as well.

Addazio has shown that he can simply not coach against top tier teams. He has been riding off the success that the 2014 offense had against USC and against a great Florida State team they almost upset. The BC teams of the past two years have been absolutely horrible on offense, the side of the ball Addazio is supposed to specialize in.addazio

This years games against ranked teams have been blowouts, unlike last year, because the defense can no longer shut down offenses drive after drive after drive. When asked about this, Addazio says that the teams they are playing are just better. The same teams we played last year. Okay Steve. Okay. Keep acting like the town fool, everyone loves that.

The ridiculous excuses Addazio comes up with on a weekly basis have frustrated the entire fanbase. Whether it be his claims that we are a young and developing team (false), that we are playing a difficult schedule (laughably false, perhaps he was joking?), that our schemes are fine (they’re not), Addazio continually finds a way to make sure everyone knows that he is doing nothing wrong. All the issues with this team are outside of his control.

I, along with many others, am sick and tired of watching an underprepared, unmotivated, and disproportionally under-talented roster lose by forty or more points against any team that can find their way into the top twenty-five.

Enthusiasm on The Heights is at an all time low, and the alumni interest is non-existent. People would rather see a meaningful rebuild than watch this disgrace of a coaching job any longer. What kind of loser thinks he deserves a parade for winning a singular inter-conference game? Oh yeah, Steve Addazio.

Addazio needs to go, and it needs to happen before New Years Day.



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