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Heightsmen Debut a Resoundingly Successful Fall Café

News Flash: On this week’s episode of Boston College’s Most Eligible Bachelor, we witnessed the highly anticipated showdown between the Heightsmen of Boston College and Sexual Chocolate, featuring the lovely ladies of Dance Organization of Boston College (DOBC).  For the first time, these three spectacular groups joined together in a talent showcase well worth the ten dollars a poor college student could scrape up from his rather barren wallet.

unnamedOn Friday night, eager students flocked to Robsham Theater for the Heightsmen’s sold out Fall Café. With guest performances from the dance groups DOBC and Sexual Chocolate, the night was a resounding success and celebration of the performing arts.  As the only all-male acapella choir on campus, the Heightsmen brought together a diverse variety of music.  Their love for performance is evident not only in the enthusiasm they bring to the stage, but the obvious joy they impart upon their listeners.

The set list contained old classics, such as “Sha-boom”, sung by heartthrob Mike Mastellone, ‘18, and “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, covered by Pat Fei ‘18, which will probably remain one of the most frequently snap storied performances of all times.  Additionally, new music made its way into the Heightsman repertoire, including the rather raunchy, “60 Minute Man”, courtesy of President Owen Lyons, ‘17, as well as Bon Iver’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, featuring the lovely voice of freshman newcomer, David Lee, ‘20.

The night would not be complete, however, without the initiation of the freshman recruits in the well-loved tradition, the Heightsmen Dance.  This year’s theme of Backstreet Boy Medley left the audience breathless with laughter, yet immensely impressed at the confidence with which the freshmen owned every fist pump, twerk, and other embarrassingly hilarious piece of choreography thrown at them.  The polls remain unclear as to who is the better performer: DOBC, Sexual Chocolate, or the respective Freshman vocalists.

The night concluded with the familiar rendition of “Good Ole Acapella”, the standard farewell of every Heightsman concert.  It’s safe to say that the feelings of brotherhood so integral to the Heightsmen extended to the audience, making all attendees of the performance feel the sense of community that one experiences through a mutual love for music.  While the next concert may not be for several weeks, anticipation builds for the next opportunity to be swept away in the beauty of melodies performed by any of the spectacular musical groups here on campus.

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