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United We Stand

And that ladies and gentlemen, that is why you have to play the game. No matter what the odds say, the polls predict, or popular culture projects, elections are ultimately won or lost on election day itself. The silent majority, those who have felt oppressed by the government for a substantial period of time now, came out and voted in droves that not even the savviest political analysts predicted. As a non-Trump supporter, I am thoroughly donald-trumpshocked to my core. But evidently Mr. Trump and his supporters knew what was going on for much longer than anyone else. Regardless, Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the United States.

As I scrolled through social media late into the night, I noticed an outpouring of emotion from those who opposed Trump. Many statuses started with an apology to women, minorities, LGBTQ community members, Muslims, the disabled and countless other groups. The general sentiment was that we as a society, as a country, are sorry for electing a candidate that does not speak for them. Not only does not speak for them, but also speaks against them. He has belittled, degraded, insulted, and persecuted several segments of Americans. That is not a criticism of Trump, that is a fact. For it is far too late now to try and openly criticize Mr. Trump, we mistakenly viewed him as a joke and now we will be seeing him in the White House come January.

I will not apologize to these groups for America’s decision to elect Donald Trump. In my mind, that is like trying to use a single band aid to cover a much larger gash. Trump winning the presidency is not a singular event to apologize for, it is the decades of history in this country that have seen women, minorities, those who identify as LGBTQ+, and the disabled continuously persecuted and mistreated.

I apologize that we live in a country where rape culture and sexual assaults receive merely a slap on the wrist. I apologize that this country thinks that defending black lives is an attack on all other lives. I am sorry that a gay or lesbian couple still does not have the full and equal rights that they deserve. Our nation is evidently okay with mocking those who are disabled, which again I apologize for. Again, I am not sorry for Donald Trump becoming President, I am sorry for the circumstances created by all of America, under which his election became ultimately inevitable.

obama-leavingI do not know what the next four years will hold for this country. I can make a meager promise however. For every American who ignores social issues in this country, there is at least one that cares deeply about them. The beauty of this country is its remarkable ability to balance itself out. The federal government is going to shift dramatically, and social issues will often be left behind. It is up to everyday Americans to continue the fight, at street level, to continually improve American society for everyone. Do not just apologize today and forget tomorrow. It is time to take action and show that despite election outcomes, we still hear and care for all Americans. There will be no apocalyptic end to America if we start to move society forward from the bottom up. Social justice will not be a lost cause over the next four years if we do not allow it to be.

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