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Minor Inconvenience to Vanderslice Hall Residents Results In Major Increase of Complaining

VANDERSLICE HALL – As of 6:21PM on Monday, November 7th 2016, both of the Vanderslice staircases became “emergency exit only” staircases. Vanderslice Hall is home to two sets of staircases on either side of the building and two, soon to be overly packed, elevators in the center. Before this “security upgrade,” the residents of the colloquially named “Vandy” dorm were free to exit the building out of either of the staircases. Now, the only acting exits remain in the center of the building by the elevators.

Well, Boston College, the beauty about any exit is that it serves very well as an emergency exit. They work so well, because not only can you use them in emergencies, but also in regular use too. Furthermore, people have to wait fifteen seconds before opening either of these exits. In the case of a real emergency, say a fire, the door effectively traps you inside the building for fifteen seconds. What a beautiful system.

img_4015Oh well, emergencies aren’t that bad. You can wait a while to escape from them. What can’t wait though is the rush to get to class in a timely manner. These new emergency exits propose a huge dilemma to third and second floor residents: To walk all the way down the hallway to take the staircase and walk back to the central exit, or simply take the elevator? Well, yeah, there is always the option of waking up five minutes earlier, but that means change, and change is scary.

In a recent study, conducted by me, it was found that people seem to despise anyone who gets off on the second floor of an elevator. This study was confirmed when last weekend I took the elevator to the second floor and overheard a seemingly intoxicated girl “whisper” to her friend, “What a douche.” If people despise those who go up to the second floor, imagine the animosity for the person who takes the elevator down from the second floor.

At this point, CoRo isn’t looking so bad after all. An inconvenient walk back from weekend nights is seeming a lot better than Vandy 4, 5, and 6 residents despising Vandy 2 and 3 residents for taking an elevator ride up AND down now.

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