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Joe Biden’s Dank Memes

In what can only be described by millions of Americans as a let-down of epic proportions, this past week’s election results brought about some of the ugliest of feelings of people across the country. The Southern Poverty Law Center noted a significant spike in hate crimes against minorities, particularly in places of learning. In the midst of these reported hate crimes and hoards of people scrambling to figure out how to talk to their family members this Thanksgiving without the mention of He Who Must Not Be Named, even Saturday Night Live shelved humor for their cold open and opted for Kate McKinnon’s (as Hillary Clinton) poignant rendition of “Hallelujah” as a tribute to the late, great Leonard Cohen. America transformed into a nation of mourning and uncertainty last week, but thankfully the Internet was able to provide us with the gift of Joe Biden-Barack Obama memes as the coping method we desperately

The past eight years gave us perhaps the most iconic political duo in modern memory, a bromance unmatched by any other POTUS/veep team. Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s friendship is something many of us will miss as the president-elect begins to take control of the reins of the nation. While the country seems to be bracing itself the impending doom of the next presidency, the Obama-Biden memes remind us of the humor that permeates unfavorable situations and perseveres, much like the forever-friendship of Barack and Joe.

There is no denying that people are hurting right now, and grief seems to be the common sentiment amongst marginalized groups and allies around the country who have been assembling in the name of love (and against the president-elect) in the past week. The memes, however, provide some sort of escape for many who are hurting, disappointed, angry, or simply appreciate some dank memes. The memes act as comforting agents, producing a more relatable and approachable Joe Biden and a reassuring, sometimes fatherly Barack Obama. They depict the musings of pranks Biden would like to pull on the incoming president, from Home Alone-style booby traps to leaving fake Kenyan birth certificates around the White House, just to mess with the president-elect’s temperament.

joey-bidenThere is no perfect way to cope, and humor is oftentimes a hit or a miss when a multitude of people is suffering. However, we here at The Rock believe that humor does remain a last bastion of hope for some people. Humor has the power to encourage people to persevere. Living in a digital age where social media generates new content, we are exposed to broader interpretations of how to cope through laughter. The “frustration” expressed by Joe Biden in these memes is pure and harmless, finding an outlet in harmless pranks and jabs at the president-elect, something many of us wish was still the case in regards to our own disillusionment. The Obama-Biden memes don’t offer a concrete solution to any of the hatred or bigotry that spiked as a result a certain president-elect’s campaign, but they do remind many people feeling distraught that they are not alone in their dread for the next four years.

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