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Music That Rocks: Thanksgiving Warmup Edition

Thanksgiving will be here in slightly over a week, and you know what that means….food. Mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, pies, yes folks, these are all foods. We wanted to kick off the first MTR of November by celebrating something that we can all agree on, that Thanksgiving dinner is sure a treat. Our writers have assembled a potluck of musical choices centered around that one key part of life we enjoy most of all.

American Pie” – Don McLean

“Wow. What a song this is. I probably listen to this bad boy at least twice a week. What better time to celebrate the great food of pie than in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. In all seriousness though, Don McLean’s famous ballad is probably one of the most inherently American jams in the history of music, and I find that listening to it can relax and motivate me no matter what is going on. I just wish here at BC the marching band would refuse to yield for the football team, but that’s a complaint for another day. ” – Michael McGee, ‘18

Pour Some Sugar on Me” – Def Leppard

“Sure sugar is great on top of everything, but it’s thanksgiving, pour some gravy on me because that stuff goes on EVERYTHING at the table during that meal. Turkey? Damn straight. Potatoes? Naturally. Stuffing? Sure. Pumpkin Pie? I mean… maybe? Worth a shot I guess. Regardless, classic rock song to jam out while you eat all that gravy covered food and watch some good ole American football with the fam.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

Dreams” – The Cranberries

“Don’t lie. You know this song is the most cathartic, Irish rock anthem (second to literally anything by U2) that holds a solid place in 90s Bop Canon. With an upbeat sound and a heavy drumbeat that signal the beginnings of your road trip home to see your family, ‘Dreams’ is the song to get you through the upcoming holiday with some positivity. Towards the end, the vocals morph into a sort of melodic battle cry, the perfect way to prepare for the inevitable election conversation that will take place around a dead bird. Give thanks for this song.” – Edward Byrne ‘18

White Wine and Fried Chicken” – Hot Chip
“Honestly, when I first stumbled across this song, I spent a solid five minutes in disbelief that someone had managed to put my two favorite things together in song form. And it’s even a good song! Like, I’m not forcing myself to like it just because of the title. Hot Chip’s music is really cool and unique, and this song is the perfect chill tune to put on in your headphones to tune out the family arguments at Thanksgiving.” – Grace Rice ‘18

Broccoli” – D.R.A.M.
“As Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t think of a better time to remind everyone how important it is to have a balanced diet. I’ll be the first to admit, veggies aren’t always on the top of my list around Thanksgiving, but what a great song to remind us all of the often overlooked and under-appreciated edible green plant that is broccoli. Amidst all the gravy, stuffing, and mashed potatoes that we will all consume, join me in making an effort to incorporate some greens into your meal this year. In short, don’t forget to eat your vegetables, kids!” – Caroline Purtill ‘18

For Crying Out Loud” – Meat Loaf
“Not only does Meat Loaf have the most delicious name in the game, but this ballad takes me back to serenading my roommate while we waited for the pizza delivery guy to call. Thanksgiving Day, put this classic on while you’re ripping up bread for your mother’s stuffing. The whole family will be belting, ‘for cryin’ out loud, you know I love food.’” – Erin Olejnik ‘18

Thanksgiving Song” – Adam Sandler

“I’ve received a lot of judgment over the past couple of weeks for listening to Christmas music (it’s never too early to fill your heart with joy, Grinches) because people argue that it’s disregarding Thanksgiving. But this doesn’t mean I’m not pumped for Thanksgiving – any holiday centered around eating holds a dear place in my heart – it’s just that, unfortunately, there aren’t really any songs written about it. Except, of course, for this SNL masterpiece that is a delightful ode to turkey and full of obscure references that were, at one point in time, relevant. Last Thanksgiving, I may or may not have worn corduroys to dinner just so I could sing, “turkey for the girls and turkey for the boys, my favorite kind of pants are corduroys”, and truly mean it.” – Lucy Palmer ‘19

Fruit Salad” – The Wiggles
“Did you even have a childhood if you didn’t know this song? I don’t know about any of you, but this was about as lit a song you could get in the good ol’ days. And what’s not to love? 4 brightly colored Aussies and their chef teaching us how to make healthy snacks while singing an infectiously catchy song, I mean that is literally the definition of a chart-topper. What’s that? Your family dinner is ready to devolve into an actual food fight over the results of the election? No worries! Like “Hello” before it, “Fruit Salad” is the new song that transcends the political divide and truly brings everyone together over the holidays.” –Emmett Walsh ‘18



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