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Last Minute Ways to Enjoy Fall

While this article may be as last minute as the title, it is that time of year where people are looking forward to Christmas. You may have already hung up Christmas lights in your dorm room and are already belting out “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in the Maloney elevator, but some of you may be missing fall. Well, the good news is that it is still here. The bad news: it’s ending soon. But with five fun activities, there are still some good last minute ways to enjoy fall!

Fall has a lot of unique foods to try, and there still are some delicious and even strange things to try. For example, you could try the Pumpkin Spice Muffin at Dunkin Donuts. One of my roommates says it is “blander than a bran muffin.” Wow, what an endorsement right there. Or you could drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte for fun, or hot apple cider is pretty good.

There are still some leaves on the trees and on the ground! If you want to have a last little bit of fun outside before it starts to snow regularly (which could happen anytime soon), then you could make random leaf piles on campus and tell your friends or even random people that they are Horcruxes or Obscuras. You Harry Potter fans know this. Better yet, if you want to develop a good work ethic before finals, you could always help out raking leaves on the quad. Or just chase the BC bunnies – they’re everywhere.

Everybody loves pumpkins! Maybe. But seriously, if you can extend Halloween into December, that’s impressive and you are super cool. Just buy a pumpkin wherever they still sell them, get a Sharpie, and “the world’s your oyster”! This might count as your Fine Arts requirement, but double check with your advisor or Student Services. Or if you like physics, you can do a pumpkin drop. If you don’t like science, you can still do a pumpkin drop. If you’re into parties, carve out most of the pumpkin and you have a bowl for beverages, or a bowl for chips and dip. That way, at your next party, your friends could bob for apples in a pumpkin. How cool is that?

Winter may be the season of sweaters, but fall is also a time where you can rock an original, super fly sweater. If it has a giant Pokemon character on it, cool. If you grab a Sharpie, you can turn a lame sweater into a conversation starter. A sweater is good for any occasion, and if someone asks you when is the best time to wear a striped sweater, you can forget what Spongebob says and say fall. Fall is your chill, fun time to wear whatever sweater you want.

 Scaring People
This is fun anytime of year, but fall is probably the best time to do it. Especially after Halloween, now that people are more likely to care less about spooky, scary things, you’re more likely to be successful at scaring people. Remember: creativity is the name of the game. But keep it classy, don’t be mean, and remember that just because you can scare someone by popping out of an elevator when they least expect it, someone can get you back in a more awesome way.

Well, as fall is drawing to a close, hopefully you’ll have time to do one of these things. Every season has its own reasons for why people like it, and hopefully you can fall into some fun!

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