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Corruption at the Pentagon

pentagon-hero-hAccording to recent findings, it appears that senior officials at the Pentagon willingly hid a study documenting $125 billion worth of administrative waste out of fear that Congress would use these findings to cut defense spending.

So how does this factor into the actual budget? To put it into perspective, the United States spends a whopping $601 billion a year on military and defense. A cut of $125 billion seems rather dramatic when considering that this amounts to approximately 21% of the budget. However, globally, this cut would have done little to change U.S. military domination. China, the next leader in defense spending drops nearly $144.2 billion yearly on military spending. With this cut of $125 billion the United States would have continued its domination, and continued to spend nearly 3.3 times the amount of money China spends at $476 billion. Thus, while top officials at the Pentagon may have become displeased with this budget cut, little would have changed globally.

This is huge. The imposed security restrictions on the information used during the study and the removal of the summary report from the Pentagon website, hindered a budget adjustment that could have greatly benefited the improvement of the education system or other areas in greater need of funding throughout the country. We are currently ranked as having the 14th best educational system in the world. However, it’s rare that we fall under the top 10 of anything globally. This $125 billion could have been employed to push our education system into the top 10, resulting in better educated youth, and a brighter future for our country as standard of living tends to increase as a country’s level of education increases.

It’s important to note the corruption throughout the Pentagon, and the negative consequences that may occur due to this corruption. As of right now it seems that no one is being held accountable for withholding this information. Do we really want to let this go? Shouldn’t someone be held accountable for purposely withholding findings that could have influenced policy makers to make the best decisions for our country?

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