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Music That Rocks: 12 Days of Christmas Kickoff Edition

Christmas season is here, and that means two things: Christmas Carols, and the looming black-hole of finals week. Here at The Rock we want to celebrate the positive in life, so we are gonna recognize Christmas Carols for now. That’s pretty cool.

O Tannenbaum” – Vince Guaraldi Trio
“Every once in awhile, we get an “All I Want for Christmas Is You” or a “Christmas Wrapping,” but for the most part we stick to the classics. And A Charlie Brown Christmas’s “O Tannenbaum” certainly is a classic.” – Connor Kerpius ‘18

Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!” – Sufjan Stevens

“It’s a great upbeat song that’s super fun to dance to! Most certainly not your typical Christmas song if you’re into that sort of thing. Super interesting because all his Christmas music was written and recorded as presents for his family way back when he was a starving artist!” – Trish Jackson ‘20

Elf’s Lament” – Barenaked Ladies
“Call me progressive, but I think that some of the best Christmas songs are original pieces. BNL’s Barenaked for the Holidays album was a staple in my household, and while I recommend you to check out the whole (Hanukkah friendly!) thing, I compel you to listen to this one song. Elf’s Lament is sung from the perspective of Santa’s bitter elves calling for a labor union, and I don’t know if there’s anything funnier or more creative than that. Filled with mean rhymes, an irresistible beat, and featuring divine vocals from Michael Buble, that’s right kids, the modern-day Father Christmas himself, this one’s a can’t miss.” – Lucy Palmer ‘19

The Christmas Shoes” – Newsong
“If you want to really kill the mood of a Christmas party in Walsh, play this song. I hadn’t even heard of it until my freshman year at BC, but after getting called “heartless” and “honestly, just a really bad person” by all of my closest friends when I didn’t cry during the bridge of “The Christmas Shoes,” I can honestly say that I finally know that all the years of bullying in middle school have insulated my heart with a thick layer of a substance very similar to concrete. Merry Christmas, everyone.” – Caroline Lewis ‘18

Do They Know It’s Christmas” – Band Aid 1984
“I have said it every year since I was fourteen; this song is by far one of the best Christmas songs ever. It’s catchy, it has SO MANY awesome artists, and it was trying to accomplish something good. But honestly, the bottom line is, can you ever turn down a song with Boy George, Bono, Sting, and Bananarama? No, you can’t.” – Saidhbhe Berry ‘17

Mistletoe” – Justin Bieber
“Something about how J Biebs sings just makes me want to throw on my Christmas onesie, curl up at the foot of my bed with a steaming hot cup of chamomile tea, and start scrapbooking. This is so classic Bieber. Oh Christmas songs are nice but they really don’t, as the kids say, “bump” or “bang.” Well let me just throw down another fire track to save you all. Enough of these traditional Christmas songs, let Bieber make a whole Christmas album of bangers that will run from December 1 – Christmas Day (the acceptable period for such music to be played: no earlier or later).” – Matt McCarthy ‘19

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” – Elmo & Patsy
“This song is about a grandma who finds out she can’t drink like she used to and ends up getting hit by Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. I mean, that’s creativity at its finest. I’m not sure what kind of creative process you go through to write a song like this, but I’m confident A LOT of eggnog went into the making of this masterpiece. The wildest part about the whole song is that the family is hardly phased by their grandmother’s accident. Grandpa cracks open a brew and watches football, while the rest of the family wonders ‘if they should keep her gifts or send them back’.” -Curtis Bullock ‘19

All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey
“This is the greatest Christmas song ever. This is it. I don’t care what anyone says this is it. Mariah Carey is just unreal and this song is just perfection. Honestly, this song has transcended Christmas for me. If it comes up on shuffle in July when I’m floating around in a pool I just cannot bring myself to skip it, it’s just that good (forget Matt’s ‘acceptable Christmas Period’, this is a year round banger). All I want for Christmas is this song on a never ending loop for the entire month.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

Christmas Wrapping” – The Waitresses
“Central theme of the song: This year sucked, so let’s get Christmas over with already. How fitting for 2016.” – Edward Byrne ‘18

Snow Miser / Heat Miser Song” – The Year Without a Santa Claus
“42 years running, and ‘The Year Without a Santa Claus’ still has a firm lead in the competition for ‘best song in a Christmas special’. Absolutely nothing on God’s (or Heat Miser’s) Green Earth gets me going like the chorus of tiny Mise-ing assistances praising their bosses. The rhymes, the rhythm, the cadence, the spectacle, the show…it’s all perfect here folks. Believe me.” – Mike M ‘18

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra
“If you ever wanted to make a Christmas action movie, this song should be playing on a loop.” – Paul Shuler ‘19

Away in a Manger” -Casting Crowns
“I chose this song, ‘Away in a Manger,’ for a Music That Rocks last year, and I’ve chosen to stand by it again this year. It has been my favorite Christmas song since the year I joined my classmates on stage in first grade to sing it in our Christmas pageant. I don’t know what it is about this song that I love so much, but I know it’s one that you don’t just get over, so if you think you’re ready to handle that, I suggest you take a listen.” – Caroline Purtill ‘18

Winter Song” – Leslie Odom Jr.
“Anyone who knows me is probably rolling their eyes at how predictable of a choice this is for me. I love ‘Winter Song’ because it’s really subtle and not super in your face about being Christmas-y, not to mention that it has gorgeous lyrics. And did anyone expect me not to pick a song off of Aaron Burr’s Leslie Odom Jr.’s Christmas album?” – Grace Rice ‘18

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”-The Ronettes
“Honestly this song is just a straight up bop. Had I had the mental capacity to actually understand the lyrics perhaps the “Santas Not Real?” meltdown of 2008 would’ve been less dramatic. As I sit here, ignoring the perpetually growing mountain of responsibility suddenly thrust upon me because some someone arbitrarily decided that I’m an adult now, I can’t help but wish to return to that state of mind where it was completely logical for my mother to have a love affair with a thousand and something year old man who relies on flying deer as his primary mode of transportation. If you need a healthy dose of nostalgia and long to relive the bliss of childhood ignorance, this is the song for you. “-Gianna Cancemi ‘20


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