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The Bowl Game Covered By a Clueless Commentator

dd1bdc11731448c38b06b9cb37758e3d-dd1bdc11731448c38b06b9cb37758e3d-0Now I know Mike normally covers football and will probably re-cover and continue to cover sports after I publish this, but I thought it’d be nice to provide some insightful sports commentary from someone with close to no football knowledge. True, I’ve been a member of a fantasy league, but I relied heavily on “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” and general aesthetic to choose my players (alas, some might say I still do a better job than Addazio). Without further ado, I present to you a recap of BC’s bowl game from a clueless viewer.

The game started promptly at 1:30pm and I’m still at work clueless to the fact that the BC bowl game was happening on the 26th of December. However, my father and brother are football fanatics and are quick to remind me that we are in fact playing the day after Christmas. My first thoughts are, “Those poor players. You’re telling me a Jesuit aka Catholic *cough *  *cough* Christian institution actually allows its players to be pulled away from a holiday all about the main magic man Jesus?  Hmmm… weird”

I continue to receive updates on the game and am not surprised when we put the first points on the board. After all, if we could do it at the Clemson game, we could do it against Maryland. Side note: I am in fact not being sarcastic. I don’t know a lot about sports, but that doesn’t stop me from betting and I had money on BC winning even though I didn’t even know when the game was.

Anyways, on with the game. Work ends, I rush home and forgo going to the gym to watch my team hopefully sprint to the end zone and to victory. At this point I wind up questioning how many prayers Father Leahy forced the other Jesuits to pray in order for us to win. I settle on 1959 because that was the year Addazio was born.

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-11-13-11-amAt this point I’ve quit paying attention to quarters, and am just incredibly proud of the amazing touchdown that’s made and think that I should have paid more attention to some of the amazing players we’ve got at BC. That defensive line touchdown. Out of the 1,172 touchdowns in the NFL last year only 83 were made by the defensive line. That’s approximately 7%, so getting one of those was pretty darn amazing considering we scored somewhere around 20 touchdowns this season (I tried to track down the exact number, but it proved to be difficult).

Furthermore, as the game continued Towles (8) had some amazing passes to put some points on the board. His 49-yard touchdown pass to Walker (3) looked so epic I re-watched it because I wasn’t quite sure what else to do. I mean how often do you see something match up so perfectly?

All in all, I’d say this was a fairly successful end to the football season. The football team’s aesthetic must have been passing, Father Leahy’s prayers must have been answered, Addazio is most likely keeping his job, and Mike will probably re-cover this game with a more useful overview of the first bowl game BC’s won since 2007! In all seriousness congratulations BC football, see you next season!

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