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The Greatest of All Time: Tom Brady

Am I writing this without prejudice, as an unbiased perspective, with no personal input? Absolutely not. Those of you who know me, even barely know me, know how much I love Tommy Terrific. Out of my prime trick-or-treating years as a kid, I would say that I went as TB12 at least eight times. The one thing I told my sister to leave up in my childhood room as I left for college was my Tom Brady fathead. I have had the same (lucky) jersey for the majority of my life and still wear it around campus even though it is obviously too small. I will not hide my adoration of this man because then this article would lose much of its authenticity. Plus, if Tom does happen to click on this, I want him to know what he means to me.

To argue that any other quarterback in the history of the National Football League is better that Tom Brady is blasphemous, irresponsible, and just plain wrong. I plan on going through this methodically to prove each aspect of Brady’s game is just better than any other quarterback. Plus, I get way too fired up about this and need the structure to hone my focus.

On draft day in the NFL, coaches and general managers are looking for a few characteristics in a quarterback that are not exactly quantifiable. Often dubbed the “immeasurables,” these traits are what separate the good from the great, the great from the legends. Take, for example, work ethic and what that means from a Quarterback. The QB is in many ways the leader of the team, he sets the tone and directs the ship. To be an NFL quarterback takes a good work ethic, to be a great quarterback takes an even better one. Tom Brady has the best work ethic of any quarterback, maybe any player, in the entire league. Often times Brady will stay long after practice to get accustomed with a new center, running back, or wide out. Sometimes taking hundreds of snaps after most players are home. Brady is a perfectionist and it shows in his game. What doesn’t show, and what we often forget about is just how much work he puts into his craft. The other key immeasurable when talking about Brady is just how clutch he is. As a fan, I have complete confidence even when behind in a game with under two minutes to play, that we will win. Why? Because you have the baddest man to ever play QB under center and he is as clutch as they come. I mean when your clutch play wins you multiple championships, that is pretty remarkable. If you were to generate a model quarterback, the mentality and immeasurables would all directly resemble Tom Brady.

tom-brady-goatNext, where most critics formulate their argument against Brady, is individual statistics. Brady did take the crown for most winningest quarterback this year from Peyton Manning, but he still trails Peyton and others in many categories. This is true, but I would like to point out a few major things. While Manning had guys like Rodney Harrison and Reggie Wayne throughout the bulk of his career, Brady did similar things with literally unknown receivers. I mean Troy Brown will live forever in Patriots fans’ hearts but he is no Harrison or Wayne. Also, and perhaps most importantly, Brady is STILL playing. Not only that, but playing at the highest level. The nearly forty-year-old still makes it look easy. Peyton is only a year older and he is curled up with only two super bowl rings, one he had no right in earning, and is content making commercials for Papa Johns. Brady will surpass just about every quarterback in every statistical category if he plays this way for the next two seasons, and every sign shows that he will.

tb12 ringsFinally, it comes down to Championships. Brady has four. In another month he could have five. The banners and rings speak for themselves. There is simply no one better, and I will not hear of any talk edgewise.

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. Judging by his recent commercials and promotions, he will be gunning for worlds greatest actor after he is done dominating the NFL. I would not bet against him either, talk to Goodell, see how well that is working out for him.

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