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Music That Rocks: February ’17 Edition

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it still seems to be just jam-packed with significant events. Whether you’re crying over the Falcons losing Super Bowl LI (shameless plug: go Pats), trying to forget the fact that you’re single for the 21st Valentine’s Day in a row, or just aiming to get through these 28 days without any major psychological damage, The Rock staff has some tunes that will carry you through.

GoldLink” – Rough Soul ft. April George

“Rough Soul is one of my favorite new artists and has such a unique sound, and I really can’t imagine how someone can be in a bad mood after listening to this song. Also, it only has 682,593 hits on Spotify so you pretentiously tell your friends when you show them this that they “should really thank you for exposing them to good music instead of that mainstream crap.” – Caroline Lewis ‘18

Friend Like You” – Bliss n Eso ft. Lee Fields

“I don’t really remember exactly how I stumbled upon the Spotify account for Australia’s national radio station, Triple J, but since I have, it’s been one of my go-to places to find new music, and it’s where I found this Bliss n Eso track. To be honest, I really don’t know anything else about the Australian rap trio, but this song reminds me of a lot of other groups I like and has an awesome neo-soul vibe, along with some pretty good rap verses. If you’re into SomeKindaWonderful, Fitz & The Tantrums, or Kyle Thornton & The Company, definitely give Bliss n Eso a listen!” – Grace Rice ‘18

Come Up Looking Extra Fly” – Joe McCartney

“Here’s a total shameless promo for my own music, but I really do like this song. It’s a classic Kanye remix over a new, relaxing beat. Although it’s a little short, it gets right into the good part quickly, which is what I appreciate most. Feel free to give me a follow, repost, favorite, or literally anything, I’m desperate for people’s approval.” – Joe McCartney ‘19

Honest” – Kodaline

“I like to refer to this band as ‘Coldplay, but your mom doesn’t know about them yet.’ They actually have 2 albums out, but this song is definitely my favorite of theirs – partly because the arrangement, tempo, and emotion are all really strong, and partly because I have no tolerance for people’s bullshit. For example, in light of the upcoming Super Bowl, is it in people to be honest about Tom Brady being the undeniable GOAT? Check it out, and go Pats.” – Lucy Palmer ‘19

Before He Cheats”- Carrie Underwood

“What’s a more appropriate song for the Superbowl? After all, it’s Carrie’s angelic voice that proclaims it’s time for Sunday night football. And with the Pats playing in the Superbowl this year, there’s no better Carrie Underwood song to listen to. Is she singing about Brady? Belichick? Who knows, and who cares, because we all know how this song ends for the cheater…#sorrynotsorry.” -Emmett Walsh ‘18

From Eden”- Hozier

“Hozier’s songs are the few love songs that don’t induce the gag reflex. Instead of recycling through typical cliches, the song is refreshingly thoughtful and genuine. There’s not only so much depth in both the songwriting and vocals, but also room for personal interpretation and feels. It’s wistful, honest, poetic, rosy- it’s complicated, just like most things this season” -Tim Huang ‘19

Moving On and Getting Over”- John Mayer

Because John Mayer’s long-awaited comeback is worthy of a blurb on our distinguished and illustrious Music That Rocks. If you’re like me and a fan of Continuum-era Mayer, this song will dismiss any worries you had about his new album containing anything reminiscent of “Your Body is a Wonderland.” Besides, romantic melodies for Valentine’s Day are overrated. A song relating to your struggle to get over your latest f***boy is much more useful. -Sarah Sullivan ‘18

You Make My Dreams Come True” – Daryl Hall and John Oates

“This song inevitably prompts nostalgic flashbacks to the 80’s, where the classic jean on jean, high waisted pants and denim jacket was all the rage.  You can’t help but picture Judd Nelson with an epic fist pump, or Eddie the Eagle soaring his way to victory as soon as the first, jiving strums of the guitar and pluncking chords of the electric piano play.  This song just makes me want to get up and dance with my “galentines” because #single for Valentine’s Day.  Beyond that, spunky lyrics provide the sweetest, honest message of sheer joy that finally, he’s found the girl he’s been waiting for, who makes his dreams come true.” – Jess Pazienza ‘19

Remember the Name” – Fort Minor

“If you are petty like me, and need to get an emergency Khloe Kardashian-inspired revenge body before Valentine’s Day, add this song to your workout playlist ASAP. This is the kind of motivational song I imagine hot Navy Seals (think: Vin Diesel in The Pacifier) work out to daily. You have 11 days left to kill it at the Plex if you want to bathe in f***boy tears this V-day…so check it out on Spotify Today!” – Caroline Roughneen ’18

I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor

“I Will Survive”…will I really though?  Correction, yes, yes I will survive.  And you, dear reader, will too.  You shall survive this month of impending exams, Valentine’s Day, the snow and bitter cold characteristic of a New England Winter, the Superbowl (I promise you’ll survive defeat, anyone who isn’t a Patriots Fan.  And Patriots fans, we will survive the hangovers from our victory parties).  Seniors, you’ll survive senioritis; juniors, you will survive interviews and facing adult, real-world problems.  Together, we will survive all the turmoil and dissonance in the current political climate.  Sue me for being cheesy, but Boston College represents one of the strongest communities of compassionate people, and remember this remains imperative.  Hold on to happy things and love life instead (: – Jess Pazienza, ‘19

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