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Sexual Chocolate: A Big Show Indeed

It was a night of sexy, chocolaty goodness at the annual Sexual Chocolate Big Show. Robsham was filled to the brim with fans (mostly ladies of course!), with prominent BC and SC alumni in attendance. Some even went as far as to bring their own signs to show love to their favorite chocolatier, raising the bar of being an SC super fan. DJ Maverick of JAM’N 94.5 (also a BC and SC alum) was the MC for the night, and he was accompanied with feature performances from PATU and Synergy. Even as the lights dimmed down, the level of litness was already on the rise.

From beginning to end, chairs were the feature prop for every dance performance. PATU slayed with fun-filled moves from the Mother Land, rocking their dance group shirts and blessing the audience with their African queendomness. Synergy picked up right where they left off, with more chairs and more slayage. They popped, locked, and dropped to the beat until the ladies took over, heels and all, making chairs look so good. Then came the moment we were all waiting for……

The storyline was set up on an abandoned island where many characters of different personalities had to survive not only the island, but each other. From pirates to soldiers to a yoga instructor and a backup dancer for Destiny’s Child, the show was full of laughter while expressing the message of how to treat a woman at the same time. And let’s not forget the steps! It was hit after hit with every routine, with sharp precision, claps that rang out in the room, and stomps that shook the stage. But even that wasn’t the best part…

From a woman’s perspective, I was hyped as it was from the step routines, but the height of the performance was when SC went from the stage to the audience seats. The entire room went wild! All you heard were the screams of the ladies drowning out the music as SC enticed and seduced the best way they knew how. But it didn’t end there. Once SC returned to the stage and finished with a sensual shirt ripping routine, it was all over. Needless to say, Snap Stories across the room were lit to the highest degree that night.

Overall, it was a wonderful performance by Sexual Chocolate, PATU, and Synergy all together. It’s events like these that remind you why these dance groups are one of the top dance groups on campus and why you would want to see them every chance you got. I couldn’t think of any better way to end my week, especially in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

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