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Music That Rocks: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day is one of the most polarized holidays of the calendar year. While happy couples on this day get to reenact that scene from Lady and the Tramp with the spaghetti, single folk get the pleasure of intensely realizing their own solidarity while “totally hoping their friends in relationships have a great day.” Whether you have someone to celebrate with or are seriously considering texting your ex from 2011, here are some jams to get you through while Cupid reeks havoc.

Lonely” – Akon

“Look, I’m not complaining that I’m single on Valentine’s Day. I personally don’t care, relationships have never been a big part of my life. Plus, I’m poor so my bank account is probably hyped that I’m single because I can count on that discount chocolate after for meals for the next 3 weeks (#OffCampusLife).That being said, this is a GREAT song with a title that describes my love life. Akon is just a musical god. Hope everyone else finds it ~relatable~!” – Korey Ryan ‘18

Caroline” – Aminé

“You all might be wondering why I chose this song. Well, I’ll tell you. Valentine’s Day happens to be my birthday. I guess it was fate that caused my head to crown at 12:45 AM on February 14th, and you would think this would make me good with ~romance~. Well, you’d be wrong. The last Valentine’s Day date I went on, my ex-boyfriend took me on a nice date to P.F. Chang’s with his mom as a plus-one. So, here’s to me.” – Caroline Lewis ‘18

Run Away With Me” – Carly Rae Jepsen

“Y’all have been sleeping on Carly Rae Jepsen. That ends right now. Go give Emotion and EMOTION SIDE B a listen. I’ll wait. Done? Okay, am I right? Run Away With Me is objectively a jam and may be one of the most beautiful love songs of all time. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a love song. See, I didn’t choose a sad, angsty song for this. I’m fine. I’m not bitter.” – Grace Rice ‘18

Sex with Me” – Rihanna

“No, I am not suggesting all the boys should get with me or what is the word to describe my private life. However, if you were at the SC show last weekend, you would understand how amazing this song is and how fitting it is when all the dancers were grinding on the audience. And to be honest I am a little lonely on this holiday. The only thing I’m going do on V-day’s night is watching BCMBB play Notre Dame at 7pm at Conte, so you know what? A girl can hope.” – Siqi Wang ’19

F**k You” –  Lily Allen

“If you hate couples as much as I do you’ll want to grab the nearest speaker and play this as loud as you can on repeat until someone comes to fight you! Plus side: you can claim you’re making a political statement, so when people ask you if you’re bitter about being alone on Valentine’s Day lie your little stone cold heart away; no one has to be the wiser. Dedicate it to your ex for breaking up with you, your parents for loving each other enough to birth you, a politician as an excuse, a creep that tried to hit on you, or anyone for that matter! Just make sure you play it loud, and play it proud” – Trish Jackson ‘20

Might As Well Get Stoned” – Chris Stapleton

“Now I normally don’t listen to country music.  In fact I hate country music in general.  But I love Chris Stapleton.  He has an amazingly raw and raspy voice, and he plays a Jazzmaster like a pro.  The way it’s worked out, I’ve never had a girlfriend actually during Valentine’s Day, and to be honest that’s fine by me.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have someone to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day with; just enjoy the lack of responsibility and treat yourself to a day of rest and relaxation, illicit substances optional.” – Austin Hord ‘20

Sk8er Boi” – Avril Lavigne

“In her usual heart-wrenching fashion, Lavigne spins a tale of true love lost in this made-for-Walkman classic. You’d be hard pressed to find more innovative and graceful lyrics than ‘He was a boy, She was a girl’ and ‘We are more than just good friends, This is how the story ends.’ Complete with recurring motifs, intense character development, phenomenal pacing, and a baby abandoned for floor seat tickets (which are somehow not sold out nor wildly unaffordable, despite being for an apparently very successful musician), this is one drama your Valentine’s Day won’t be complete without. Moral of the story: Hang out at more skate parks because you just never know who’s going to end up rich.” – Shelby Grasso ‘19

Love Drunk” – Boys Like Girls

“When you say love, I say drunk! Not because I’ll be drinking away my perpetual singleness this Valentine’s Day, but because this song is the GOAT. I recently heard this absolute bop while with some old friends and was dropped right back into 7th grade when my AIM away message was definitely ~I used to be love drunk, but now I’m hung over~ for the better half of the year. Because 13-year-old me had an excellent grasp on love. And hangovers.” – Lucy Palmer ‘19

She’s Gonna Leave You” – The Walters

“This is a phenomenal up-and-coming band that I’ve posted to MTR before. They are out of Chicago, and they will be huge- you heard it here first.  However, this song captures a lot of what young love is about. Many relationships at this stage of life don’t work out. On Valentine’s Day, for those of us lonely singles, this song is a great reminder that most things will come to an end. It may hurt a lot, but as this song reminds us, “Someone’s gonna come through for you.” It almost certainly won’t today, but eventually… maybe.” – Jack Donovan ‘17

Pretty Dirty (In the Fading Light)” – Ripe

“Who needs a love song when you can have a kind-of-seeing-each-other-but-we-aren’t-putting-a-label-on-it ballad? This funky pop song by Boston’s own Ripe encaptures the casual dating life of a typical twenty year-old, and it serves me well as the anthem on my Tinder profile. So if you’re longing for a not-so-serious relationship this Valentine’s Day, fire up your speakers, crank up the volume, and see if you can resist dancing to this jam.” – Erin Olejnik, ‘18


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