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Walk with me on the Journey of March Madness

From spring break to snow days, Boston College has gone through a pretty wild run since March. However with the approach of this little thing called March Madness, it doesn’t matter anymore how tan you got over break or how much work you still have to make up, because for the next month, America will be all over basketball. People have money, school pride, and bragging rights all on the line over some college kids playing sports. ‘Merica, amirite? It is probably not a surprise for my readers that Siqi is writing something about basketball again. Yet, what you might not know is: I, too, base my bracket on completely random guesses because I just don’t know enough about college basketball. So I want to apologize to all my friends who came to me for bracket advices and present to you my super biased and highly incorrect take on March Madness 2017.


Final four pick: Duke

When I was a kid growing up back in China, the only basketball I watched was professional games. I was a huge Rockets fan like the rest of the country because of Yao Ming and somehow decided my favorite player of all time to be Shane Battier. Battier went to Duke University where he led the team to a National Championship and swept the major National Player of the Year awards. That is the sole reason why I am a Blue Devils fan. It was all safe and sound until I came to BC and discovered a lot of people hate Duke here. I will try to stay low key about my fandom, but haters gonna hate. At the same time, I don’t believe teams will do well two years in a row. I still think UNC would’ve won if they went into overtime, so no Villanova for me.

baylorTeam to look out for: Baylor

Baylor is just hard to miss because the color of their jerseys. The official colors for the school are green and gold, and the team chose a more neon yellowish green. It is so cool. I love the color and it just stands out so much and makes it hard to miss. Also Baylor is overall a good team, who is a No.3 seed and has a great record all season so I believe they will go far.


Final Four pick: Gonzaga

Only one loss for the entire season? That is very, very impressive to me. (Shout out to BYU for beating Gonzaga and giving us Jordan Chatman.) Many may argue the West Coast Conference is not as competitive, but they are still D1 schools and that’s good enough. They are also No.2 in the nation in field goal percentage for the regular season. I am a dog person so I like schools with dogs as their mascots as long as they are not terriers.

Team to look out for: Northwestern


What a Cinderella’s story. After a 78 year drought, the Wildcats are finally going to their first big dance. With this kind of pressure, Northwestern could go very far, or they could get blown away by Vanderbilt in the first round due to lack of experience. Either way, I’m just happy for them to achieve this. And the VEEP (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) supports the Wildcats, so should you.


Final Four pick: Louisville

I know, I know, another ACC team. You cannot blame me for picking all the ACC teams because it is the best conference there is. They lost 3 of their last five games, but that doesn’t mean they are not a good team. The Midwest is relatively the weakest region in my opinion and there is a big chance the Cardinals can take it to Phoenix. Louisville has been great on the defense end and before facing Jacksonville St., they just have to put in more effort on offense and use Donovan Mitchell even more.

Team to look out for: Michigan

It is a blessing that no one was injured on that plane accident. The Wolverines played against all odds and continued to win Big Ten championship further deepened their determination of keep dancing in postseason. Although they are the 5th in Big Ten ranking, that championship will help them so much in this madness.


Final Four pick: UCLA

Nope, I will never put UNC down as my pick even though I know they are so good and Roy Williams and Justin Jackson are so good. I enjoy a good classy Duke-UNC game, but we had 3 already, so no thanks. Back to my pick of UCLA, Lonzo Ball has to be the reason. There is so much hype about this kid and I want to see how well he is going to play. I want him to do well, not so his dad’s ego could be boosted even more, but I want him to have a bigger platform to show his skills to the world so no one will only focus on the things his dad says.

Team to look out for: Middle Tennessee

If I have to put one upset in my bracket, it would be No. 12 seed Middle Tennessee beating Minnesota. According to ESPN stat, “Middle Tennessee is 20-1 in its last 21 games, outscoring opponents by an average of 13.5 PPG during that span.” That is very good stat! They are another Cinderella story that should be on everyone’s radar.

bracketTo be honest, I was so close to write an article of brackets based on the cuteness of players on each team then I told myself to stop being so desperate and obsessive over basketball players. Each year I throw away 10 dollars on a  betting pool just to get a feel of March Madness and writing about it is pretty cool too I guess. Are you asking how would I feel if Boston College made it to March Madness while I was still here? The answer is I would bet all the money I own (approximately 203 dollars in my bank account) on BC winning it all. BCMBB FOR LIFE. #GOEAGLES

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