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The Truth and Politics 2017

In an attempt to emulate Jon Stewart, I wanted to take this time to snuff out some of the “bullsh*t” that has been flying around politics lately. I am not going to write about the slashing of funds to domestic programs, the xenophobic driven immigration policy, or even the extreme economic proposals that our President is proposing. I did not vote for President Trump, therefore I am not expecting to agree with what he does in office. In an attempt to remain bipartisan and constructive, I will not just tear into him and his supporters. I do expect something from President Trump though. I want the truth. I understand the idea of executive privilege to protect this nation. Yet, on most issues, we are completely safe and still being lied to by our leader. Although that is bullsh*t in and of itself, I find the public’s response to be even more infuriating.

TruthThis election was driven by the idea of the “truth.” Donald Trump was a candidate who “told it how it is.” Presumably, how it is can be equated to what is truthfully happening in America. Hillary Clinton was grilled for being dishonest and even hiding the truth because of thousands of missing emails. Regardless of what side you fall on the debate about her emails, the main issue people had with it was that Hillary had, supposedly, lied to the public. The search for the truth went further than just the two major party candidates, as the media became associated with dishonesty. Trump lambasted the “dishonest media.” He barred the New York Times and Washington Post from covering him because they were not telling the truth about him. Again, whatever side you fall on whether the media is corrupt or not, the central issue was the truth. The truth. The truth. The truth. That is all America wanted. We wanted to know what was going on with our country. So what the Hell happened, people?

President Trump has, as of this week, been proven a liar in the highest office this land has to offer. Yet no one bats an eye. He refuses to tell the public about affairs with Russia. The FBI, who was very reliable when inspecting Mrs. Clinton, concluded Trump lied about the Obama wiretapping scandal. The Washington Post fact checker counted 132 misleading claims in Trump’s first 33 days in office. Obama’s initiative to make government more transparent has gone to the wayside. What has replaced it is not only a closed government, but a government that knowingly lies to the people, and all of a sudden that’s okay? The public is divided into the people that will defend Trump, like he said, even if he murdered someone in the streets of New York, and the people that have shut down on politics and either ignore him, or laugh about it as a way of coping. I want to say again, this is bullsh*t.

Trump LyingIt is quite simple really. Americans need to unpack those electoral woes that they store up for every four years and apply them to our current government. There is no reason to sit idly by and wait until the government really displeases us down the road. Demand the truth from President Trump. After all, when inaugurated Trump muttered the most famous words in American presidential politics, “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States.” In order to stop this bullsh*t, make Trump “faithfully” fulfill his duties to us. Let the truth dominate American politics again. Make ole’ Donnie come down from his ivory tower and see what the real world is like. Ultimately, as Stewart said, cut the bullsh*t.

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