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You Won’t Believe These Five Reasons to Own a Fish on Campus!

If you’re looking for a way to spice up a drab dorm room, look no further than adding another roommate. If you’re an indecisive person, then today is your lucky day—BC only allows one pet—a fish!

1. Nothing will spice up a room like a fly-looking finned friend that will be your companion for your entire BC career (or until you forget to feed it and it dies). An easy pick is the classic beta fish, and they come in a spectrum of colors that spans the entire rainbow. You can also buy cute decorations to be ~unique~. If you’re strapped for cash, find a friend with a fish and wager a day’s pay on your tiny champion.

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2. You will spend less time taking care of this fish than you’ll spend studying for the Rocks for Jocks midterm you have next week. All you must do is make sure to feed the fish once a day, and change the water once a week and your fish friend will live for years to come.

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3. The cost of acquiring the fish will be less than a dinner at the dining hall. Call an Uber pool with a friend and you will be at PetSmart for less than $5. Once you arrive all you need is a cheap plastic bowl, some rocks, and the fish. You may also want to invest in a tank with a filter because, let’s be honest, you probably won’t be cleaning the tank every week.

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4. The power is yours—you can pick the style of your tank, and the general theme you are trying to accomplish. Options include refined and modern with sharp, sleek tank designs, a traditional plastic bowl with a single lonely plant, or, if you’re ambitious, push the rules to the max and stock your 20-gallon tank. Better yet, just fill a plastic kiddie pool with water and plop a few of those suckers in there.

5. Imagine how lit your Walsh dorm parties will be with a superstar fish swimming around the middle of your common room. All your friends will want to see your fish, and will be admiring its graceful beauty. Just make sure nobody pours any Rubi in the tank, because your little buddy will be belly up after one shot.

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