“Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” Review

Some people like comedy, and some people like drinks – coffee, that is. If you have been successfully burning through all of the shows you have been binge-watching on Netflix, or just really like coffee, even just watching people drink coffee, you’ll love this show by Jerry Seinfeld called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” It is a short, 15-20 minute episode per-week type of show, that is both on Crackle and online on comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com.
Now, why should you Seinfeld with womanwatch this show? Simple: it’s a mini-travel and food show, mixed with comedy for a nice glue to hold it all together. Jerry Seinfeld, famous comedian and of his own eponymous fame, hosts the show and puts every guest at ease, choosing a fancy car to ride in that caters to each guest’s personal style and really gets to mesh with each comedic guest’s brand or off-brand style of humor.

Funny guests include the likes of Kristin Wiig, Billy Crystal, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Miranda Sings, and more. Many of his guests on the show he talks with as if they’ve been friends forever, in exquisitely comforting scenes such as the one between Jerry and Tina when they’re sitting in a cozy New York café drinking a strong cup of coffee, talking nonstop and making funny faces at each other. The beauty of this show is that each guest either is actually or is treated like a comedic equal to Seinfeld, as they should be. However, some of the funniest momentsseinfeld with man on the show happen when there is an obvious contrast between Jerry and his guest, such as between him and Miranda Sings. He is in a diner (on the show you see and learn how old-fashioned, traditional, but approachable Jerry is, which often puts him as the straight man to his comedic counterparts, though he usually has some funny quips up his sleeve), enjoying his traditional diner food, and Miranda is protesting in the booth, arms crossed and frowning, and she doesn’t want to eat anything the diner has to offer. But the scene still works, it’s amusing and the off-kilter dynamic between them makes for great comedy and amusing scene to watch, and that’s that.

What works about this show is that the conversations Jerry has with people are natural and they flow easily, while they are eating sandwiches and sipping coffee. There may not be a lot of Haha! moments, but the show doesn’t need them. I recommend watching this show because it does not chase anything, it just is what is. “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” deserves a 10/10, and your viewership. Thank you and stay tuned for another TV/online show review soon!


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