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Modstock Primer: Louis The Child

Chicago-based DJ duo Louis the Child has just been announced as the headliner for Modstock.

Rather than a washed up early 2000s rapper that everyone has heard of, CAB decided to change it up this year and get a young, up and coming artist before they become famous. This announcement has been met with mixed reactions, as their fans are probably beyond excited, while others have probably never heard of the group.

So who is Louis the Child?

Outside of being younger, richer, and more talented than you, they’re easily one of the best kept secrets in the music industry. The duo consists of Robby Hauldren (born September 7, 1996) and Freddy Kennett (born October 19, 1997) and rose to popularity in 2015 with their hit, and still most popular song, “It’s Strange”. Since then, they’ve come out with other bangers such as “Fire”, “Weekend”, and “Love is Alive”. We can almost guarantee you’ve heard these songs without knowing who they were by or what they were called.

We all know they won’t only play four songs at Modstock, so the purpose of this article is to bring your attention to their lesser known, not-on-Spotify remixes so that you can enjoy the concert the way Louis the Child intends.

Starting with our personal favorite…

Oh Wonder — Body Gold (Remix)

“Whenever Louis the Child touches an Oh Wonder song, magic happens, and their Body Gold remix would make David Blaine look like a hired McDonald’s magician. This song is truly magnificent. With its melodic beats, voice interjections, and cherubic pings, this song will make you want to either sway along to the music or bounce your head along with every minor pause in the flow. Although I wouldn’t consider this song a ‘banger,’ it still has a lot of qualities that make it a song worth repeating over and over again.” – Joe McCartney ‘19

Zella Day — Compass (Remix)

“There seems to be a reoccurring theme in many of LTC’s remixes: they take quiet, slow songs and give them huge echoing drops that you can feel throughout your whole body. Compass is no different. A perfect end-of-the-night song, listening to Body Gold and Compass back to back has actually been proven to increase your chance of having an out-of-body experience.” – Paul Shuler ‘19

Ty Dolla $ign — Blasé (Remix)

“This song is just unreal, or rather the Louis the Child remix is. The original isn’t all that special, as is the case with much of Ty Dolla $ign’s work, which makes it even more impressive that they were able to remix this subpar song into an unreal version with a phenomenal drop that makes you vibe and nod your head right along. Much like their other remixes, LTC kills it yet again, but the drop and beat on this one is really something special.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

Madeon — You’re On (Remix)

“No chill playlist is complete without Louis the Child’s remix of You’re On. In three short minutes, the DJ duo shows their ability to take a (really) good song and make it AMAZING.  Like most of their remixes, You’re On is a definite banger, and it’s impossible to resist bobbing your head to the beat.” – Curtis Bullock ‘19

Magic Man — Paris (remix)

“I saw Magic Man in concert last year, and they were incredible. I’m surprising even myself by saying this, but I think the remix of their hit song is actually a little bit better than the original. While I find that EDM sometimes takes away from a good song, LTC strikes the perfect balance in making it more danceable without losing the essence of the song.” – Lucy Palmer ‘19

The Knocks & Matthew Koma — I Wish (Taylor Swift) (remix)

“‘It’s summertiiiimmeeee in Los Angeles,’ bellows Matthew Koma at the beginning of the chorus to this upbeat song that’ll have you feeling like you’re driving down Sunset Boulevard on a 90 degree day in a convertible with your hair blowing in the wind.” – Paul Shuler ‘19

Miike Snow – Genghis Khan (Remix)

“I’m typically not really into remixes, especially when it comes to songs I already like in their original version. Genhgis Khan has been my jam since it came out in December 2015, and I (surprisingly) wholeheartedly approve of what LTC did with this. After listening to the original song about 500 times, I needed a change – this remix gave me exactly what I needed.” – Caroline Lewis ‘18

Louis the Child — From Here (Original Song)

“This song will never be confused for a banger, nor should it. It does, however, represent the pinnacle of Louis the Child’s end-of-the-night chill vibe music. Much like their other songs, irresistible head bobs will ensue.” – Paul Shuler ‘19

The Lighthouse and the Whaler — Venice (Remix)

“Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of EDM (although there are definitely exceptions!), but I’ve loved Lighthouse And The Whaler ever since discovering them my sophomore year. This is a completely different take on the original song, which is also really good, where it basically adds a really great beat to transform it from typical sadboy indie to a chill song that’s sort of reminiscent of Flume and perfect for summer.” – Grace Rice ‘18

Soysauce — Broken Record feat. Joni Fatora (Remix)

“Few things create more music magic than a DJ remixing another DJ’s song, and that’s exactly what Louis the Child excels at. A perfect song to dance to, I can only imagine how much more fun Walsh parties would be if people played this instead of the Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’ for the millionth time.” – Paul Shuler ‘19

Adventure Club — Wonder (Remix)

“Hear me out – Louis the Child layered the Rainbow Road theme song from Mario Kart 64 over the already electronic sounding “Wonder”. Tell me I’m wrong. I’m not complaining of course, just annoyed I didn’t think of it first.” – Lucy Palmer ‘19

Louis the Child — Slow Down Love feat. Chelsea Cutler (Original)

“Get in the summertime mood with this fantastic original by Louis the Child—it has that classic beachy, summery steel drum sound for the chorus, but has an amazing syncopated beat feel during the buildup.  Also Chelsea Cutler has a great voice and deserves for you to look into her solo work.  She’s definitely on the up and up, just like Louis the Child.” – Austin Hord ‘20

Kaskade — Never Sleep Alone (Remix)

“What really stands this song out from other LTC songs is the transformation from the original to the remix. Originally, Kaskade’s rendition comes across more as a rave-type heavy hitting EDM track with a lot of drops, bass, and changes. Louis the Child immaculately transforms this song into a more relaxed, upbeat track. This song has many different functions: it’s great to workout to, is a general crowd-pleaser, gets the party going, and even is a soothing song to listen to while working on some homework.” – Joe McCartney ‘19

Louis the Child — Phone Died feat. Blaise Railey (Original)

‘Phone Died’ is not your standard Louis the Child song. This extremely relatable song mixes pop and hip hop with the group’s usual EDM vibes. Its catchiness and infectious beat make ‘Phone Died’ a surefire candidate for one of the top songs of the summer.  Hopefully this new release makes its way to the Modstock setlist.” – Curtis Bullock ‘19


Featured image courtesy of Boston College Campus Activities Board

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