Music That Rocks: Summer’s Last Days

Internships are coming to an end, 2 weeks notice are being put in for those lifeguarding and waitressing jobs, and it is still extremely hot because New England fall is weirdly delayed. And with this sweltering weather and apprehension about the approaching school year, we have adjusted our playlists accordingly. Enjoy these picks from our staff!

“Keep Me Crazy” – Sheppard

Okay, so who remembers Sheppard? ‘Geronimo’ was one of the songs of summer 2015, but I pretty much all but forgot they existed after that. That is, until one fateful Monday I stumbled across ‘Keep Me Crazy’ on my Discover Weekly. It has the same infectious beat and great vocals that made ‘Geronimo’ so much fun, and a chorus that low key makes a lot more sense / was written more thoughtfully than ‘Say Geronimo! Say Geronimo! Say Geronimo! (repeat)’. Basically, ‘Keep Me Crazy’ is the perfect upbeat tune for a summer drive, whether it be to the Cape or to the grocery store in your hometown where you’ll awkwardly run into all of your high school acquaintances.” – Grace Rice ‘18

“Weak” – AJR


“I discovered this song while on my trip to the Dominican Republic in March and have been hunting for it since. I had nothing but the tune and chorus to go by and my search on Youtube was to no avail. I nearly gave up…until I came home for the summer and heard my sister playing it in the other room. Since then I have been blasting it in the house and on the road while running errands. This song was like my dog jumping on my bed in the morning: you don’t know how it got there, but at the same time you’re glad they showed up. ‘Weak’ is the song of indulgences. It describes the basic human nature of should I or should I not? It put a theme to my mantra of ‘treat yo self’ (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself when chocolate comes around). In any case, this was one of the songs that made me abuse the replay button, cause boy oh boy I love it when I fall for it.” – Olivia Sutton ‘19

“Sexual” – Neiked


“G’day from Down Under!! I’m keen to write about ‘Sexual’ because Australians really love it, and I really love Australians, so by the transitive property, I really love this song. It’s a song that makes you want to scream out, drop everything at the bar, and get into group formation to perform a choreographed dance to it…which is something I certainly haven’t done. No denying it’s a bop, and I’ll be bringing it back to the States with me, so get around it now, mates, or look foolish later.” – Lucy Palmer ‘19

“Crazy Bird” – Wild Child

“The music video might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever witnessed. It’s perfect for that short awkward transition period between summer and fall. Not much else to say if we’re being honest.” – Trish Jackson ‘20

“Praying” – Kesha


“I won’t lie. I’ve added every song that Kesha has come out with to my music library since her time as (note the dollar sign) Ke$ha, and I’ve continued to do so well past the socially acceptable days of ‘Tik Tok.’ Now personally, as the poster child for the concept of a goody-two-shoes, I’ll be using ‘Praying’ as advice moving forward into a new semester. However, many of you might consider this a good anthem to aid you in coming to terms with all of the shenanigans you got up to this summer – think loitering on the lawns of old men and other kinds of intolerable rule breaking like that.” – Shelby Grasso ‘19 

“Turn Me Up” – Carly Rae Jepsen


“This is the best lab-created, feel good, upbeat, pop ballad, girl power, vocal performance I have heard in my entire life.  This 2012 song never made it big, but I stumbled upon it this summer and have actually paid real money to put it on a bar jukebox because it’s so unequivocally excellent. I will be listening to this song approximately twice a day for the remainder of my life.” – Mike McGee ‘18

“California” – The Band CAMINO

“Driving a half hour to and from nannying four times a week has brought me to some early blast-music-and-open-all-the-windows-until-I-wake-up drives. I loved The Band CAMINO’s first album throughout second semester and their second, “Heaven” has been rocked throughout this first “after college” summer. This opening song is a total jam, it will always remind me of running late and speeding on the 90 and the nights when I had nothing to do and could just open all the windows and JAM.” – Mary O’Neill ‘20

“Bounce Back” – Big Sean


“Summer is almost to its end and that means a new semester is around the corner. People say ‘new year, new me’, so I guess the coming of junior year calls for a new me as well. No matter how many Ls I took in sophomore year or how many Ls I took this summer, I am determined to bounce back in the new year (probably). Also all around I think our societies around the world really need to bounce back, because everything is going downhill right now and it needs to stop.” – Siqi Wang ’19


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