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Elderly Asian Woman Allegedly Harassed By BCPD During Tailgating

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Rock and its staff. This is a developing story.

During the first football game of the season, members of the Boston College Police Department were found potentially harassing an elderly Asian woman in the mods. In a brief Facebook video, approximately 3 men were seen with the woman with her cans she had collected throughout the day strewn all over the ground. This presumably occurred during the winding down period of tailgating.

The key witness I spoke with, along with other women at the scene, particularly those that lived at the mod, recorded the incident that occurred over a span of five minutes. She reported that these men apparently approached the woman in a taunting manner, waving handcuffs in her face and forcing her to empty the cans she had been collecting before escorting her out. The woman did not appear to be able to speak English nor truly understand the situation, however, she complied and responded in a calm manner. These men “didn’t need to humiliate her and intimidate her like that, especially with multiple cops,” said the witness in a brief interview. “…with all the people drinking from the game, I think they probably could have used that extra manpower elsewhere”.

This woman is not a stranger to the BC Campus. I’ve personally seen her myself collecting cans for a purpose only known to herself, and have never seen her otherwise approached in such a manner. Naturally, learning of this incident within a few hours of its occurrence, during a time when everyone is supposed to be enjoying themselves is appalling to me and subsequently raises concerns about some members of the Boston College police force. These are the same men who are charged with protecting students, faculty, and staff on our campus. If they have the potential to blatantly act out in such a manner in public, then what does that say regarding their positions in private? Moments like these are a constant reminder that bias and issues of respecting other persons are real, and no one is exempt. And when these issues hit too close to home, it’s up to us as men and women for others to call it out where it stands.

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