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Music That Rocks: Mourning the Loss

Well, we lost both the holy battle and the Holy War, so there’s not much of a silver lining.  At least we have a football team that exists, though (looking at you, BU).  Enjoy these picks from our staff!


“Too Bad / So Sad” – On Planets

“This song’s title seems to be sending a pretty pertinent message regarding this weekend, but this was my go-to jam over the summer.  I had never heard of On Planets before, but I turned into a big fan ever since Spotify put them on my Discover Weekly playlist.  Whatever bad mood you’re in or whichever team you like just lost, good music helps you forget about that.” – Austin Hord ‘20


“I Can Do Better Than That” – Anna Kendrick

“You can fight me if you make fun of show tunes, although I’m not totally sure if this qualifies as one. I feel like people sleep on The Last Five Years in general, and while Anna Kendrick’s singing kills throughout, this solo number is my absolute favorite. It’s the perfect bouncy, upbeat tune for those days you need a dose of optimism. Maybe BC football can do better next game! Anything’s possible!” – Grace Rice ‘18


“The Ghosts of Me and You”- Less Than Jake

“The NHL04 Soundtrack is the best soundtrack in the history of video games. There is simply no argument. This song is one of those classics where the lyrics are sad but the guitar and drums behind it just make it an absolute jam to get your head bopping. Think back on the good times or think back on all the times where we could’ve done better:  “And I’m still looking back, into the past, when beating USC was all we had.” – Matt Nolan ‘18


“Crash Into Me” – The Dave Matthews Band

“Let’s get real here, it’s a love song and all, but it’s perfect for crying to. It’s slow, comfy, and overall just a jam in general.” – Joe McCartney ‘19


“Adore” – Amy Shark

“You only need to hear the first three chords of this song to know it’s going to be a sad one. But man, it hurts so good. Amy Shark is an up-and-coming Aussie singer who sounds a lot like Lorde, and this song was voted second best on Triple J’s Hottest 100 in 2016. Just like BC was second best in the Holy War…of all two teams.” – Lucy Palmer ‘19


“Holy Smoke” – Iron Maiden

“Why get sad when you can get mad? The second stage of grief is anger and who says we have to go any farther than that. This song from one of the most iconic metal bands will end the post BC game depression in a second. Who cares if they won, ‘I’ve lived in filth, I’ve lived in sin and I still smell cleaner than the shit you’re in.’ Have fun going back to south bend, nerds.” – Dario Loriato ‘20


“Mess is Mine” – Vance Joy

“It’s time that we all take ownership of our positively horrible football team. I was a mess at the tailgate, a mess in the stands, and a mess after. Our team (looking at YOU, Steve) was a mess, but it’s a mess that is ours. It’s mine, it’s yours, it’s everyone’s. We’re in it together, whether we like it or not. Thanks, Vance.” – Caroline Lewis ‘18


“I’m Not Crying” – Flight of the Conchords

“Because you’re really not crying over whatever you’re crying over. It’s just raining on your face and everything is indeed actually fine because you’re thriving.” – Trish Jackson ‘20


“Bad Day” – Daniel Powter

“Look BC football, I know you had a bad day on Saturday. Ok, maybe you’ve had a few bad saturdays in the past couple years. But just listen to this song and it’ll be alright! And always remember, we beat USC!” – Korey Ryan ‘18


“Shadow People” – Dr. Dog

“With a team this bad, and all the bleachers empty, it’s hard to avoid the question of where all of our fans went.  An upbeat song with sad lyrics is perfect for how every sloppy BC undergrad feels right after the team falls yet again.  We get kicked around, but we certainly haven’t gotten up quite yet.” – Josh Zuckerman ‘20


“Twenty Four Hours”- Joy Division

“Don’t let the eclectic changes in rhythm and constant six note bass-guitar riff deceive you. As energizing as the tempo of the song is, the lyrics focus on woefully trudging through one bleak day after another, slowly sinking into complacency in one’s dreadful state. Sounds like the regular progression of a Boston College football season to me!” – Michael Schmeling ‘20


“The Big Gloom”–Have a Nice Life

“This song is about many things–the death of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat, the intrinsic meaninglessness of life in a universe of pain, and just as adequately, the BC football team’s performance against Notre Dame. The lyrics “My arms and legs are wood, unconscious trees with roots deep in the ground” perfectly describe the lethargy of BC’s biggest and best.” – Tristan St. Germain ‘21


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