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Second Quarter Update: Mike McGee (and Allies) vs. Steve Addazio

Well folks, my long strung trench warfare against the ever-surviving Steve Addazio seems to be nearing a climactic final battle.

In the second quarter of BC’s fourth loss through six games, the student section unleashed a “Fire Addazio” chant, hoping someone would hear on ESPN2.  It is worth noting that I did not even initiate this chant. This means someone else has vocalized the same complaints as me. This is spectacular. Allied forces have been rallied, and they’re mobilizing.

As far as football recaps, there is not a lot to write home about regarding the last three BC football games.

Two weeks ago, the Eagles somehow found themselves tied with defending the National Champion Clemson Tigers in the fourth quarter. The 7-7 game quickly turned into a 34-7 loss (we covered the spread!) after the anemic BC offense finally had so many three-and-outs that our defense lost all its energy, and could no longer hold off the dangerous Tiger offense.

During Parents’ Weekend last week, BC had an awe-inspiring 20-point victory against Central Michigan. Jon Hilliman scored three touchdowns on a cold and rainy day in Chestnut Hill.

This week saw the Eagles kicking off in Alumni Stadium on ESPN again, but this time, at night. The Virginia Tech Hokies’ offense looked bad, and All-World defensive end Harold Landry had three sacks during the game. Unfortunately, the VT offense was heroic compared to the struggling Eagles. Anthony Brown looked like he had never played quarterback before (seriously…it was bad), and the Eagles fell 23-10.

Luckily, the loss didn’t stop Coach Addazio from rattling off some wildly inspirational quotes about how beautiful this team is going to look when things come together.  He then invoked an argument from authority, assuring the press that he knows this will be the case thanks to the instincts he has acquired during his several decades coaching college football.

According to my extensive polling, the attitude on campus toward Addazio is at an all-time low. I won’t even bother to get into my personal thoughts at the moment, as I see a prime opportunity for firing coming up in another three weeks.

The Eagles can potentially be eliminated from bowl contention if we drop the next three (at Louisville, at Virginia, home against Florida State). That Florida State game is a Friday night game on ESPN, and we have a bye the following week. If there was ever a time to count on Addazio coaching the Eagles to a 40-point loss, I can assure you it will be against the Seminoles, for all of America to see.

I look forward to posting an article three weeks from now that either reads with a false sense of optimism, one that will undoubtedly be crushed later, or a poetic, final case for the firing of Steve. Godspeed, ladies and gentlemen.


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