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Music That Rocks: Halloween Edition

As we all know, spooky season is upon us, and it’s one of the best parts of the year.  Whether you need something to put you in the mood as you walk to class on Tuesday or you need some scary jams for your Halloween party playlist tonight, we have the songs for you.  Enjoy these picks from our staff!


“(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult

“Not only has this song been legendary in the rock music realm since it came out in the 70s, but it’s also legendary in the Halloween music realm.  With one of the spookiest guitar solos of all time and lyrics about embracing death, this song is a must-have for any Halloween playlist.” – Austin Hord ‘20


“Rhiannon” – Fleetwood Mac

“I’m a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac, and this song is just one of their many masterpieces with *spooky* undertones. According to American treasure and rumoured witch Stevie Nicks, Rhiannon is about the Welsh witch of the same name found in mythology. Personally, I think the song deserves to be played every month of the year, but it is particularly perfect to cue up for a road trip to Salem. Listen to Stevie croon about the witch taking ‘to the sky like a bird in flight’, take in the foliage, and savor the last weeks of sweater weather.” – Grace Rice ‘18


“Psycho Killer” – Talking Heads

“Nothing says spooky like a song with lyrics that are said to represent the thoughts of a serial killer! You’ll be humming the incredible bass line in your head (or out loud) for the rest of the day, even if you don’t understand any of the French words accompanying it. Take this Halloween as an opportunity to incorporate the Talking Heads into your musical collection. You won’t regret it.” – Sarah Sullivan ‘18


“Witchy Woman”- The Eagles

“This song, inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald and the flappers of the 1920s, conjures up images of an actual witch and a femme-fatale type enchantress of the night. Descriptions of her raven hair, restless spirit, and crazy laughter give the carefree flower child a spookier twist.”- Caroline Hagemann ‘20


“Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell

“Nothing quite compares to that eerie feeling of being watched. This classic by Rockwell truly captures the internal tribulations that come with unanticipated observers. Are we ever really alone?” – Mary Yoakum ‘19


“Little Drop of Poison” – Tom Waits

“A nice eerie classic. Not quite good for a party playlist, but definitely great to listen to while getting into whatever costume you plan to wear halloweekend!” – Trish Jackson ‘20


“Little Red” – Cathy Davey

“Is there anything scarier than a contemporary adaptation of a children’s story about trusting big, bad wolves on your way home? I don’t think so either. This song is on my ‘Recently Played’ list at all times of the year, but with lyrics about ‘lurkers in the dark’ and warnings like: ‘No, I wouldn’t, if I were you, go to sleep tonight,’ it’s an especially good fit for Halloween-time. Also, the music video consists mostly of a dancing head covered by a red hood. That’s rather spooky, if you ask me.” – Shelby Grasso ‘19


“Enter Sandman” – Metallica

“Everyone knows this song, it’s arguably  one of the most recognizable songs ever and simply a classic. That being said, if you actually listen to the lyrics they’re rather freaky, some would even say….spooky. Sleep with one eye open this Halloweekend.” – Korey Ryan ‘18


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