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Music That Rocks: February Finds

Well now that we’re past the first couple weeks and the semester’s in full swing, everyone hates school again! Hip hip, hooray! No, but really, here are some great tunes, as our President would say, “the best tunes” handpicked by our staff for your ears.

“Sound & Color” – Alabama Shakes

“I’ve been really into soft, low-key music lately. This definitely does not reflect my desire to stay in bed and stare at the graveyard I see out my window instead of going to class. Anyway, this song rocks. Picture lacing up your Converse, rolling down the windows, and blaring this chill, feel-good tune.” – Caroline Lewis, ‘18

“warm blood” – flor

“A friend showed me this song a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been pretty much listening to it on repeat since. I realize it’s from 2015, but it’s a new discovery for me and I’d never heard of the band so I figured it’s worth sharing. flor’s sound reminds me a lot of Oh Wonder, who I’ve declared my love for many a time in MTR, and ‘warm blood’ is a really sweet, laidback tune to get you through those freezing walks to class. If you like it, I’d also recommend their songs ‘overbehind’ and ‘hold on.’” – Grace Rice, ‘18

“Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?) (Piano Version)” – Lady Gaga

“I awoke one morning this week to six (6) separate texts from a friend raving about how good the piano version of the title song off Gaga’s latest album is; these theatrics were validated once I gave it a listen. A tribute to her late aunt, so much of the emotion that gets lost in the original version of the song is heavily felt in this newly released version. It was also a welcome reminder of the sheer vocal talent that Lady Gaga possesses when singing at full voice, something I was often distracted from in her meat-dress wearing days.” – Lucy Palmer, ‘19

“Back to You”- Coconut Records

“Coconut Records is one of the most underrated indie/alternative artists out there, and even though I’ve had the Nighttiming CD for years (which I also highly recommend), I somehow only recently discovered just how incredible this song is. The bass riffs throughout the song are absolutely captivating and the upbeat transition in the chorus only adds to the listening experience. The super chill ukulele outro he latches onto the end incorporates even more dimension to this already amazing song. If you’re a fan of Weezer or Modest Mouse, be sure to add Coconut Records onto your most frequented playlist”  – Mikayla Valdes, ‘21

“Young Blood (Acoustic)” – Noah Kahan

“I honestly cannot tell you how I came across Noah Kahan, but I can tell you that since that fateful day I have not stopped playing his music. Young Blood Acoustic begins very melancholic, but when it hits that chorus, I feel like a new woman looking out of the window on a random bus, driving to my future. It sounds dramatic, but reach that chorus and you will feel yourself escaping the stress of classes and traveling somewhere peaceful to start a simpler life. This song wonderfully taps into the relationship between pain and recovery through freedom. Noah Kahan is pretty unique, but if you like Vance Joy and The Lumineers, you’ll be a fan. Listen and be reborn, my friends.” – Mary Kate DiNorcia, ‘19

“Breathe (2 AM)” – Anna Nalick

“Since I’m constantly unaware of the current music being released, my music library subsists on songs that I can’t even remember having heard for the first time. ‘Breathe (2AM)’ has always been my go-to when I’m having a meltdown (so it’s my usual go-to), and I’ve turned to it’s depressing, yet somehow uplifting, lyrics several times since the start of the semester. It’s especially appropriate for those nights when it’s 2 AM, you’ve realized ‘life’s like an hourglass glued to the table,’ and your sleep-deprived misery needs a little bit of company.” – Shelby Grasso, ‘19

“Flare Guns” – Quinn XCII (Feat. Chelsea Cutler)

“A friend showed me Quinn XCII about a year or two ago and ever since I haven’t been able to stop mixing his songs into every playlist I make. His newest album came out last September and while the entire thing is great, Flare Guns is my personal favorite. The somber scenes set up by the lyrics meld with the uplifting beats, while Chelsea Cutler’s vocals match up perfectly, creating what I consider a masterful work of art. Overall just an incredible song, and everyone should check out Quinn XCII in general.” – Korey Ryan ‘18

“Save Tonight (EigenARTig Deepest Love Remix)” – Eagle Eye Cherry

“Save Tonight is a classic rock song that is the perfect tempo for some tropical house remixing.  EigenARTig (a producer who hasn’t made any another songs worth listening to) knocks it out of the park here.  The vocals are a few pitches lower, the pace is easy and normal, and the electric influence isn’t overbearing.  This has been a “listen again” favorite of mine on YouTube for years now, and it’s worth a listen for any fans of rock, EDM, or pop.” – Mike McGee, ‘18

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