A Timeless Argument: We Tell Time Poorly
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A Timeless Argument: We Tell Time Poorly

VANDERSLICE HALL—At approximately 1:45 pm last Thursday, an unnamed student (shocker, it’s me) called University Health Services to set up an appointment. With a strained voice and rampaging fever, the student ran into conversational roadblock when arranging the time of the appointment. The objective asshole…sorry, receptionist, on the line asked […]

(From left to right: Chris Messenger (SURJ), Professor Tatiana Cruz, BC Senior Alex Kontopoulos, and Dr. Lyda Peters)
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Resistance Panel on Community Organizing for Racial Justice

Conversations on resistance in all shapes and forms is a fundamental part of education on social activism and understanding what’s happening in our country. It is the perfect time then for the Resistance Panel of Community Organizing, featuring four inspiring figures from the Boston College community and the Boston area, to […]