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Not the best way to challenge it

Hate Physics? Inconceivable!

“I hate Physics” is said far too often in an introductory physics course. If you’re solving for the probability of transitioning from the 1S to the 2P state of the Hydrogen atom in a time dependent electric field then that statement may be warranted. But kinematics? Newton’s laws? How can […]

Inside The LHC

The Armageddon Experiments

Ever heard of a black hole? For most people I’m sure their definition consists of a great circular void which relentlessly sucks everything within its range into everlasting oblivion; and really this isn’t that far off from the scientific definition.  Another question, ever considered what would happen if one was […]

Society & People

Moan to Malone

Dr. Malone, It seems as though you have come before us to reinvent the wheel of romance. Your strategies are unconventional to say the least. So I pose this question to you: what is the greatest dating commandment of them all? The High Pharisee Pharisee, I’ll ignore your rather condescending […]

Let Them Eat Cake
Food Life @ BC

Let Them Eat Cake

Valentine’s Day is typically rather dull for those of us without people to exchange candy and flowers with but it wasn’t for me. Why might you ask? Because something marvelous happened on Lower campus during Valentine’s Day, a miracle as some might call it. Lower had desserts worth eating. Late […]