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Rock Staffer Interns for Publishing Company

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that The Rock can’t update. This article is the first in a series which shows what our Rock writers have been up to this summer. Liz Faris is kicking things off.

This summer, I have had the pleasure to partake of my first paid, forty-hour-a-week office job. I have an internship with a small publishing company in Boston owned by Thomson Reuters. While this sounds potentially great, it has only taught me that I never want an office job ever again. Staring blankly at computer screen for nine hours a day while watching the summer slowly slip away out the window makes for an unfortunate way to pass the time. Although I get to edit occasionally, which I love, one of the only things keeping me sane is the knowledge that it is just for the summer and afterwards I get to head back to BC for senior year.

The disappointing part of this internship is not my coworkers, who have been nothing but nice, or necessarily the nature of the work,although it can occasionally be tedious, it is the sheer number of hours I am required to sit and quietly gaze into my computer screen. Often it is also the lack of work. While waiting to be assigned a task, I can only aimlessly browse the internet for so long. Considering I’m currently sitting at my cubicle writing this, it is pretty clear that I don’t always have a ton to do. If anything, this summer has taught me a valuable lesson: Office job with limited human interaction and heavy on the sitting in front of a computer, not for me.

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